Valorant: Vanguard detects and bans some of the biggest cheating and spoofing softwares

Valorant anti-cheat Vanguard detects and removes cheating softwares - Image credits - Sportskeeda
Valorant anti-cheat Vanguard detects and removes cheating softwares - Image credits - Sportskeeda
Dipanjan Dey

Valorant is earning its name in the gaming circuit for having an efficient anti-cheat system. While it was criticized in the beta version, Valorant's anti-cheat Vanguard has evolved beyond measure.

The community has seen Riot taking matters into their own hands several times before. Their constant vigilance over cheaters has indeed established Valorant as a game that cheaters fear. There have been instances in the past where the developers even went on to announce that cheaters who can crack their system would be awarded in some fashion. Although no one could've foreseen the magnitude of the recent bans.

Riot Games have picked up a few cheat companies and spoofers who make their money selling cheats. These are facilitated over Discord and players usually have a difficult time detecting them. Nevertheless, the constant effort from the developers has paid off, as was revealed on Twitter.

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Riot Games catches Valorant cheat distributors and bans them

Every account, whether it is a main or a smurf, was detected and identified categorically. Usage of third party applications and modifications to cheat in Valorant is an offense that gets players banned for life. The severity of the judgement matches the intensity of the offense.

Recently, Riot Games identified cheat applications like Valhook, Valhax, Valspoof and few more. Simultaneously, players started reporting that they are being locked out of the game and sent to their windows screen. Subsequently, players reported that their skin collections are also being removed by Riot Games. This caused chaos, which the Valorant Anti-Cheat Police Department picked up on. As posted on their Discord, a comprehensive chat which shows how these cheat-facilitators tried to evade their judgement.

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Essentially, adding cheats to a title like Valorant ruins the competitive integrity of the game. Using them purposefully is frowned upon throughout the community. However, it is a booming business, and thus, this act comes as a shock to the entire cheat peddling community. Reports suggest that cheaters were hit hard and that the money it took for players to buy cosmetics was wasted.

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Vanguard standing tall against cheaters for now

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In a short while, players started asking how to unplug or uninstall these applications in order to play the game. Regardless of all efforts, it was too little too late, as Riot Games seemed to have issued a permanent ban. Thus, players who invested their money in cosmetics as well as these cheats, are left with nothing at the moment.

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This is a major blow dealt by Riot Games and Valorant developers. This will prompt players to straighten out their ways and refrain from using unfair means, while simultaneously discouraging the cheat business.

No anti-cheat system is impervious to a structural breakdown. Nevertheless, Riot is doing a brilliant job in keeping Valorant cheat free with Vanguard. Hopefully, Vanguard's reign will last a little longer, giving it a credible name in the anti-cheat community.

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