"W's all-around": HasanAbi rejoices after DMCA takedown from 'MasterChef' stream is reversed after error on Twitch's part

Streamer HasanAbi's DMCA complaint was revoked by Twitch (Image via Sportskeeda)
Streamer HasanAbi's DMCA complaint was revoked by Twitch (Image via Sportskeeda)

Twitch streamer Hasan "HasanAbi" Piker received some terrific news earlier today when the platform announced that his DMCA complaint about watching MasterChef on stream was removed.

The political streamer received the DMCA complaint earlier this week, following which he claimed that the "MasterChef meta" was officially over. However, after Twitch overturned its decision, it seems like Hasan is bringing the meta back. He said:

"Balance restored, W's all around. That's right, bruv."

HasanAbi on top of the world after Twitch overturned his DMCA takedown

The American streamer found out about the platform rescinding the DMCA complaint against him from an email the company had sent, which stated that the takedown was "processed by mistake".

The email further stated that Twitch had removed any penalties imposed on him with the takedown. It seems like Hasan is now in the clear from any potential suspensions for watching MasterChef.

once again, this doesn’t mean people should go wild streaming paywalled content. certain companies aren’t as aggressive w their copyright esp when it’s older catalogue or not in circulation. this doesn’t mean that’ll always be the case. i just want to have fun w my community !…

HasanAbi reacted to this massive decision, and he couldn't help but smile after a troubling couple of days.

"Let's f***ing go, dude. Oh, my heart is pumping right now, dude."

Twitch streamers Pokimane and CohhCarnage react differently to Twitch revoking HasanAbi's DMCA complaint

After the news broke about Hasan being set free from DMCA complaints by Twitch, returning streamer Pokimane reacted to it on her comeback stream.

"It was a fake DMCA?"

This decision from Twitch led her to believe that her two-day suspension because of a DMCA complaint could be fake as well. She noted that the takedown should have affected Mizkif as well for watching Avatar: The Last Airbender on stream.

"Mine could be fake because if mine was real, why wouldn't Mizkif also have one?"

While fans and Pokimane rejoiced at the return of the "MasterChef meta" on stream, fellow Twitch streamer CohhCarnage, who has been a massive detractor of content creators reacting to TV shows on the platform, had some critical words to say about the situation.

The DMCA takedown on Hasan was a fake.I guess MC is back on the menu? The cycle continues. Here we go again until the next major scare then we'll all get serious about it for a weekend or so. Hold on tight, everyone. 🤣…

The decision came hours before the suspension of Disguised Toast during his Death Note stream, and fans are wondering how Twitch is banning and unbanning streamers even though they are committing the same crime.

So far in the last week Twitch has:Banned Pokimane for 48 hours - live DMCA for AvatarCopyright striked Hasan - removed it shortly after Banned Toast for a month - Live DMCA for Death NoteWhy can't @Twitch make ANY sense with their punishments?…

It remains to be seen how the platform will react to these monumental decisions as many of its streamers continue to put Twitch in danger by exposing them to potential DMCA complaints and legal troubles. Until then, however, it seems that fans can watch more MasterChef reactions along with the likes of Hasan and xQc.

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