Watch: xQc puts up a cry counter while watching Amber Heard's testimony on stream

The Johnny Depp case has massively enamored the streaming community (Image via xQcOW/Twitch)
The Johnny Depp case has massively enamored the streaming community (Image via xQcOW/Twitch)
Vedant Kottapalle

As the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard case enters its third week, Amber Heard's testimony has started. xQc was also among those who took out the time to watch it while livestreaming.

The streamer has been expressing his support for Johnny Depp since the whole matter came into public discourse, and an incident from the latest stream only goes on to prove the same.

Read on to find out how Felix poked fun at Amber Heard without even saying anything in his latest stream.

What did xQc do in response to Amber Heard's testimony?

The streaming community is generating its fair share of laughs during the course of the serious trial that is going on between the estranged couple. Last week, when xQc started streaming, the judge was not on the bench. When the judge entered and all those present in court stood, Felix too stood up in his own home to honor the court's traditions.

The tall streamer obviously couldn't fit in the frame, forcing him to take an awkward slanting stance. Fellow streamer Imane "Pokimane" later viewed a clipping of this and hilariously remarked that the Juicer looked just like SlenderMan.

Today, while watching Amber Heard's testimony, Felix answered the question all fans would have for him after the testimony in one fell swoop. The question of course being whether listening to Heard's side of the story changed his mind in any way, and the answer being not at all.

About an hour into her testimony, the streamer put up the words "cry counter" with a sub-section for "tears." He also entered the times Amber Heard had gotten teary-eyed in the that time (twice) and further indicated that she had not shed a tear yet. By the time the testimony ended, the "cry counter" was at 27, over the course of three hours of Heard's testimony. The tear counter remained at 0.

(Watch from 15:14 to watch the trial with the streamer from the start)

It seems that the streamer is implying, much to the delight of the large section of his fans who are supporting Johnny Depp, that even though Amber Heard is getting emotional on court, she is not genuine.

Fans react to xQc's cry counter joke during Johnny Depp trial

xQc's strong stance on this issue has attracted a steady stream of attention and today's incident further solidified his position. Fans and netizens are reacting to the joke in troves, each largely influenced by his/her own position on the case.

The clip also prompted fans to discuss the implications of the trial on Amber Heard's career, even in the event that the verdict was in her favor.

xQc is currently one of the most-watched streamers on Twitch. The former Overwatch pro can can mostly be seen streaming GTA RP, new trending games, or interacting with his viewers. He was also nominated for "Streamer of the Year" at the "Streamer Awards".

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