"We are Corpse": Corpse Husband thanks fans in heartfelt Instagram post ft. Emma Langevin, Karl Jacobs, Valkyrae and more

Corpse Husband seems to have met up with Emma Langevin
Corpse Husband seems to have met up with Emma Langevin

In a rare Instagram post, Corpse Husband recently extended a heartfelt message of appreciation towards his army of fans across the globe.

On the last day of March, the 23-year old faceless sensation took to Instagram after a span of five months to reminisce and celebrate all that has transpired over the course of an extremely eventful month.

From his monumental billboard achievement to the release of his dream collaboration with Colson "Machine Gun Kelly" Baker, Corpse's Instagram post chronicled a montage of memorable events that took place in what he deems "chaos month."

Speaking more about his recent success, Corpse addressed his fans whom he labeled "the best friends and supporters in the world":

"Thank u so much for chaos month, I am eternally grateful for the moments we’ve created. I hope for many more in the future, but even if there isn’t, what we’ve done, I’ll never forget. Thank you for being the best supporters and friends in the world. We are Corpse"

His recent Instagram post left several of his fans emotional, as they took to Twitter to gush over the inherent wholesomeness of his message.

Corpse Husband x Emma Langevin win over fans online after Instagram post goes viral


Each of the slides in Corpse Husband's Instagram post captures memorable moments that took place in the month of March.

Apart from his Times Square billboard and collab with Machine Gun Kelly, there are also references to Valkyrae dressed as Corpse for the Daywalker music video, Corpse meeting Sykkuno in person, Karl Jacobs and Tina in Times Square and his interview with YouTuber Anthony Padilla.

There were also two mysterious posts which fans were certainly not expecting - the first being that of Corpse with his hand wrapped around close friend and "E-Girls" cover star Emma Langevin's neck, and another of a close-up of a dog.

With regards to the former, fans were completely blown away at the fact that Corpse and Emma had met up in person.

Here are some of the reactions online, as fans responded to the wholesomeness of his recent Instagram post and the surprise Emma Langevin x Corpse Husband meet-up:

With his recent post sending fans into a collective frenzy, Corpse Husband will certainly look to carry forward this same chaotic energy into April, as he continues his meteoric rise in the sphere of entertainment and streaming.

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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