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"We enforce the rules differently with you": Ethan Klein exposes favoritism and bias on Twitch

Image via CodeMiko & h3h3
Image via CodeMiko & h3h3
Modified 23 Mar 2021

Ethan Klein told a story where Twitch’s unfair treatment of bigger streamers was revealed to him.

While Ethan was talking to CodeMiko about her Twitch ban and the bans of many other streamers, he pointed out that some were more severe than others. Ethan Klein discussed the Twitch streaming community's apparent preference for some streamers due to CodeMiko's observation.

His friend, Joey Salads, was streaming himself getting sprayed in the face. Ethan Klein was watching that stream on his own stream. Joey was banned, but Ethan Klein was not.

When Ethan asked his Twitch rep why he wasn’t banned, Ethan stated that the Twitch rep responded:

“Oh yeah, obviously we enforce the rules differently because we work with you. We’re not going to shut the stream down."

Twitch is clearly going to favor bigger names because they make more money. This does not make it right however, as the rules must be applied in a blanket manner.


CodeMiko compares her ban for accidentally revealing information to Ninja and other streamers. Ninja was suspended for two days after purposefully revealing the contact information of a racist donor and inciting his fans to dox him. There is a big difference here and it illustrates how far Twitch goes in favoritism.

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Ethan Klein shines light on Twitch’s favoritism, but the same could be said for other social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok

When a TikTok star reaches a certain level, it seems like they don’t get in trouble nearly as much as smaller names. When Charli D'Amelio and her sister Dixie began, regardless of how they dressed or danced, they weren't hit or taken down for "minor safety" guidelines, even though they were minors for a while on the platform.

It would seem that TikTok has the same process as Twitch, where bigger names aren’t moderated as severely. This helps the platforms for obvious reasons, but it doesn’t feel very fair to those just starting out.

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Published 23 Mar 2021, 01:33 IST
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