Ethan Klein slams David Dobrik and Scotty Sire for "victim shaming" Seth Francois over sexual assault allegations

YouTube Ethan Klien slams David Dobrik and Scotty Sire.
YouTube Ethan Klien slams David Dobrik and Scotty Sire.
Modified 05 Mar 2021

Ethan Klein from the H3H3 podcast recently took to Twitter to slam David Dobrik and his close friend Scotty Sire for attempting to gloss over Seth Francois' sexual allegations.

The narrative surrounding the David Dobrik x Seth Francois sexual assault scandal recently received a whole new spin after Dobrik's close friend and fellow YouTuber Scotty Sire exposed Francois for allegedly requesting to do the kissing pranks.

In his latest YouTube video, Sire said he was sick of seeing his friends' names being dragged through the mud due to "false allegations."

He added that the reason neither Nash nor Dobrik have addressed these allegations is because The Vlog Squad "does not respond to rumors and lies."

Referring to them as nice guys, Scotty Sire shared a video of David Dobrik going through Seth Francois's DMs, in which it is shown that Seth allegedly requested David himself to do the kissing prank a third time:

However, what is interesting to note is that Seth's messages in the video above speak about him giving his consent to doing the kissing prank a third time.

This does not provide any clear-cut justification regarding the very first time they forced him to take part in it, which was without his consent.

This was pointed out by various Twitter users as well as by H3H3Podcast's Ethan Klein, who slammed David Dobrik and Scotty Sire for allegedly "victim shaming" and threatening Seth Francois:

Scotty Sire's recent attempts at defending David Dobrik and Jason Nash from Seth Francois's sexual assault allegations did not sit well with a majority of Twitter users, who pointed out flaws with the justification.

"2 creepy f*cks": Bhad Bhabhie and Trisha Paytas join Ethan Klein in calling out David Dobrik and Jason Nash

In Scotty Sire's latest YouTube video, he accuses Seth Francois of lying about the sexual assault allegations, as he claims that he is simply doing it for clout.

He also brought up the topic of Seth allegedly posting revenge p*rn about another Vlog Squad member Erin Gilfoy, which he has reportedly denied.

Sire's video led to a scathing response from Trisha Paytas, who called him out for completely glossing over the initial make-out prank:

In another video, she labeled him a mouthpiece and called out David Dobrik for refusing to come forward and address the allegations himself:

Another major personality who joined Trisha and Ethan in calling out David and Jason is Rapper Bhad Bhabie who referred to the duo as "2 creepy f*cks" and surprisingly alleged that they owe her money:

As a result of the collective backlash, Scotty Sire's attempt to disavow the legitimacy of Seth's sexual assault allegations seems to have only ended up exacerbating the backlash online.

Another burning question which several had is to do with the recent audio of David and Jason which surfaced online, where the duo jokingly speak about making Seth do the prank.

The online community soon joined Ethan, Trisha and Bhad Bhabie in slamming Sire for blindly defending David and Jason's actions, without providing any context about the initial prank that led to the allegations in the first place:

Image via Scotty Sire/ YouTube
Image via Scotty Sire/ YouTube
Image via Scotty Sire/ YouTube
Image via Scotty Sire/ YouTube
Image via Scotty Sire/ YouTube
Image via Scotty Sire/ YouTube
Image via Scotty Sire/ YouTube
Image via Scotty Sire/ YouTube

By the looks of the reactions above, it appears that Scotty Sire's latest video seems to have only made things worse for David Dobrik and Jason Nash.

While there still exists a conspicuous gray area regarding Seth Francois' own past actions and DMs, a majority of the online community believes that it does not absolve The Vlog Squad of their lack of accountability.

As dissent continues to mount online, it remains to be seen if David Dobrik or Jason Nash will decide whether to take accountability and address these allegations themselves.

Published 05 Mar 2021
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