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"Cancel David Dobrik": Vlog Squad under fire as underage girls allege sexual assault after Seth Francois' allegations

David Dobrik and Jason Nash have come in for criticism online m
David Dobrik and Jason Nash have come in for criticism online m
Modified 17 Feb 2021

The domino effect of former Vlog Squad member Seth Francois's shocking allegations against David Dobrik and the Vlog Squad continues to run its course.

In a revelatory interview with Ethan and Hila Klein on the H3H3 podcast, Francois recounted his traumatizing experience of being forced by Dobrik to make out with 47-year-old Jason Nash without consent.

Francois delved into the disturbing details that preceded the infamous prank make-out video with Nash, revealing the incident to be one of the major reasons that forced him to move to Atlanta from Los Angeles.

In the wake of the shocking allegations, more victims have now reportedly come forward, according to Nash's ex Trisha Paytas. The victims are allegedly underage girls.

In the clip above from a recent Frenemies podcast episode, Paytas informed Klein about multiple underage girls who have approached her about allegations of sexual assault against Nash and the Vlog Squad members.

"Another guy said he was a victim of Jason, unwanted stuff yeah and that it was on camera and stuff and I've heard this from numerous people and girls . They are underage girls, they said they were fed alcohol like all this stuff"

Several Twitter users have begun calling for Dobrik and the Vlog Squad to be canceled in light of mounting criticism.


David Dobrik and The Vlog Squad face backlash over recent sexual assault allegations

Francois is not the only former Vlog Squad member to level serious allegations against Dobrik. Earlier, Nick "BigNik" Keswani's revelatory statements seemingly set off a chain of events.

On the podcast, Paytas also recounted an incident where Dom - another member of the Vlog Squad - allegedly forced himself on an underage girl.

"This one girl got SA'd by Dom at Vidcon, she was underage and he forced himself on her and they swept it under the rug . I think Dom apologized."

Another video has resurfaced online revolving around Paytas confronting Dobrik and Nash about the serious allegations of assault by Francois. However, the duo brush it aside nonchalantly.

In fact, on tape, Dobrik can be heard calling Paytas' reaction to the Seth x Jason video "crazy."

It reportedly got to the point where Paytas had to apologize to Nash for getting upset or risk losing her relationship.

Following the allegations, popular snack company Jack Link's Jerky recently distanced themselves from the controversial video. The company slammed Dobrik and Nash for their actions.


In light of these recent videos, Twitter was abuzz with many reactions, most of which called for Dobrik and The Vlog Squad to be canceled.


As the pressure continues to mount against Dobrik and the Vlog Squad, the long-term ramifications will be seen in the future.

Published 17 Feb 2021, 18:22 IST
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