"We overlooked certain variables": Lost Ark developers apologize to fans for premature Argos raids

Amazon Games admit that addition of Argos in Lost Ark was too soon (Image via Amazon Games)
Amazon Games admit that addition of Argos in Lost Ark was too soon (Image via Amazon Games)
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After controversy over Lost Ark's March update, Amazon Games has admitted that they pushed out the content too soon. This comes in the wake of the new Argos guardian raid that has irritated a lot of fans.

The irritation comes from the fact that the Argos Abyss raid is a T3 event. Players have accused Amazon Games of adding this content at a stage where many of them are stuck in T1 and T2.

Please read this joint update from Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games on how we're addressing player concerns.Check it out!📌

The western version of Lost Ark was released with T3, which is different from the Korean servers.

The presence of solid end-game content isn't that big an issue. However, the problem becomes serious given how fast players can progress to reach that level. In an official post, Amazon Games has admitted that they got their data and forecasts wrong.

Amazon Games admits premature addition of Argos raid in Lost Ark

The developers have stated that their calculations and predictions about player progression have been off the mark. According to them, more players should be at a level to challenge Argos. This hasn't been the case because Amazon Games missed certain variables according to their confessions.

"However, we overlooked certain variables, such as players spending more time on horizontal content and the price of honing materials increasing due to bots and real-money transactions."

Accounting of horizontal progression has been missed, which is one reason for the players' levels. The price of T3 honing materials, among other things, has also inflated due to bot activity. The game's developers have again stated that they will continue to adjust these prices and take decisive action against bot activities.

Amazon Games has admitted that Argos is a stepping stone towards the end-game content that they will add in the future. However, they have also realized that the timing is too soon, leading to players describing Argos as pay-to-win.

Kinda put off by the decision to release Argos tomorrow, a new Lost Ark raid only for characters with item level 1370. The 0.1% of the players will be able to try it, mostly streamers who spent thousands or got gifts. This may burn out a part of the playerbase (not me), bad idea

Additionally, the developers have stated that they will encourage players to progress at their rate. Steps will be taken to ensure that players don't get their progression blocked.

There is a likely case of a content roadmap coming in April and May. The next set of updates will focus on helping with player progression over the addition of new content. Legion raids won't be added for the time being but will be added eventually when more players reach the necessary levels.


Lost Ark players to get more honing material

One of the main reasons players are not reaching T3 faster is the lack of honing materials. Amazon Games will add new content and adjust existing ones to help the players.

A new casual event guardian raid will be available to the players, which can be done once daily. Event-specific coins earned from this raid can be used to get valuable rewards.

I was on a team that WON an Arkesia Grand Prix?!?!

Available rewards from the Arkesia Grand Prix event will also be adjusted. Tailoring and Metallurgy books will be added to the available rewards. The number of event coins from the rewards would also increase.

Finally, there's something for Lost Ark PVP content fans as well. Players will be able to earn various rewards, including honing materials in the upcoming Season 1 of Competitive Proving Grounds.

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