Wedding season in Animal Crossing coming to a close gives players last shot at these items

Wedding season. Image via Animal Crossing World
Wedding season. Image via Animal Crossing World
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Wedding season comes around in Animal Crossing every June. The full month is dedicated to Cyrus and Reese's anniversary. After being married in the first summer in New Horizons, each subsequent June sees the wedding season arrive.

Players can help them recreate photos of their perfect day and recreate the venue for heart crystals. These crystals function as a temporary in-game currency and can be used to purchase specific wedding-themed items from Cyrus or as in-home decor.

With June coming to a close today, this is the last opportunity for Animal Crossing players to participate in the wedding season. That means today is the last day for another 11 months that heart crystals can be earned and spent. Here are the items that are going away when June officially ends.

Wedding items that players can earn in Animal Crossing

Many players love wedding items, clothes and heart crystals. Sometimes, it goes with their desired island aesthetic, and other times it's great for themed islands and houses. Here is a list of all the items that are unfortunately going away (until next June) with the end of wedding season in Animal Crossing.

  • Wedding bench
  • Wedding decoration
  • White wedding wall
  • White wedding flooring
  • Blue wedding rug
  • Wedding table
  • Wedding chair
  • Wedding party wall
  • Wedding flower stand
  • Wedding candle set
  • Wedding head table
  • Wedding cake
  • Wedding pipe organ
  • Wedding arch
  • Welcome board
  • Brown wedding wall
  • Green wedding wall
  • Brown wedding flooring
  • Green flooring
  • Red wedding rug
  • White wedding rug
  • Wedding wand
  • Wedding fencing
  • Reese and Cyrus wedding plate
Wedding season in Animal Crossing. Image via CNET
Wedding season in Animal Crossing. Image via CNET

The clothes list is as follows:

  • Cake dress
  • Wedding tuxedo
  • Wedding pumps
  • Wedding shoes
  • Bridal veil
Wedding tuxedo. Image via Nookipedia
Wedding tuxedo. Image via Nookipedia

All of these excellent items will no longer be available when June ends. Once the calendar flips over to July 1st, the wedding season will sadly be no more. Heart crystals will become decorations only and incomplete wedding sets will remain incomplete, so get them while they are still available. The clock is unfortunately ticking.

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