What are the allegations against LMG, LTT, and Linus Sebastian? Former employee's shocking accusations explored

Screengrab of Madison
Screengrab of Madison's first appearance on the LTT YouTube Channel as part of ROG Rig Reboot 2019 (Image via Linus Tech Tips/YouTube)

The Linus Media Group (LMG), Linus Tech Tips (LTT) YouTube channel, and Linus Sebastian himself are currently in hot water after a former employee accused all three of s*xual harassment, bad working conditions, and bullying. Madison Reeve, an individual who quit LMG back in 2021, recently came forward with a long thread on X, formerly known as Twitter. In it, she made various accusations against the popular tech YouTuber's company.

Fans of LTT's YouTube channel will remember Madison from the popular rig-reboot series from a couple of years ago, where her on-screen banter with Linus Sebastian won many hearts. The Twitch streamer was subsequently hired by LMG to handle their social media content. However, as mentioned in the thread's first post, the workload that Reeve was expected to handle was "incredibly high."

Madison also penned down multiple instances of verbal and s*xual harassment that went unnoticed by the management. In a subsequent tweet, she revealed the reason she was removed from actively taking part in videos on various YouTube channels owned by LMG. Here's what she said:

"A warning that came very shortly after I had come forward stating I had been inappropriately grabbed multiple times in the office, amongst other issues. I was barred from being in videos. So when you ask what happened? Why wasn't she in more content? This is why."

"I was asked to twerk for a co-worker": Madison Reeve reveals toxic work culture at Linus Media Group behind popular Linus Tech Tips (LTT) YouTube channel

As suggested by Madison in a number of posts on X, the work culture at LMG and LTT was far from ideal. In a particular post, this individual stated that her workload was a lot and that she was also asked to turn up on weekends because she was supposed to handle social media work. To that end, she revealed that after her departure, a whole team had to direct their efforts on what she had been expected to cover:

Maddison recounts harassment at LTT and LMG (Image via @suuuoppp/X)
Maddison recounts harassment at LTT and LMG (Image via @suuuoppp/X)

On a more serious note, the s*xual harassment and misconduct allegations do not stop at inappropriate touching. To the shock of many fans, Madison has revealed that at one point during her employment at LMG, she was asked about her s*xual history. She was urged to take her co-workers out on dates to "ease out tensions."

Madison also accused one of her fellow LTT employees of asking her to twerk for them. Here's what she said:

"I was asked to twerk for a co-worker at one point. I was told I was chunky, fat, ugly, stupid. I was called "r*tarded" I was called a "fa**ot". And at any point I would bring up these comments, I would get told, oh we will have a chat with them. Nothing ever came of it."

Madison Reeve's recruitment at LTT and LMG by Linus Sebastian was seen in a very positive light back in the day, and her account of her employment at Linus Media Group has naturally caused a lot of people to doubt the persona behind happy-go-lucky videos that the tech YouTube channel puts out regularly. Many are pointing fingers at the management of the firm, which apparently considers harassment complaints as tattle-taling on co-workers.


Madison's accusations of workplace harassment come days after the Gamer Nexus controversy surrounding Linus Tech Tips and their failing quality of videos. Linus himself, with a couple of his co-workers at LMG and LTT, has since addressed some of the issues. However, many fans did not appreciate the apology.

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