What is Battle Rage in Modern Warfare 2 and how does it work?

How does the Battle Rage field upgrade work in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer (image via Modern Warfare 2)
How does the Battle Rage field upgrade work in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer (Image via Infinity Ward)

The Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer is finally live, and fans are having a great time enjoying some of the features that the shooter has to offer now that the title has officially dropped.

The new Call of Duty multiplayer experience comes with a ton of new mechanics and gameplay elements, providing a fresh take on the competitive experience of the title. There are new perks and field upgrades that you can tap into as you invest your time in the multiplayer.

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Each field upgrade in Modern Warfare 2 is unique and brings its own set of skills to the table. While not all of them will be capable of fitting into every situation that you are in, there are quite a few which are a bit more versatile than the rest.

One field upgrade that many in the community are finding to be a reliable choice is the Battle Rage. It offers a great advantage over the enemy when used properly, and today’s guide will specifically go over how the Battle Rage is used in the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer.

How does the Battle Rage field upgrade work in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer


Contrary to its name, the Modern Warfare 2 Battle Rage field upgrade is not something that is used all that aggressively. It’s more about survival in the multiplayer mode, allowing you to go into a war of attrition with the enemy and possibly outlast them in a gunfight.

  • When used, the Battle Rage field upgrade will allow you to gain resistance and certain advantages to your tacticals when active. It will offer you a clearer vision while allowing you to have faster health regeneration after getting damaged by the enemy. The tactical sprint will also keep refreshing instantaneously, allowing you to deal more damage as you sprint.
  • However, the best part of the Battle Rage ability is the resistance that you get to other tactical-based equipment and gear. With the field upgrade active, you will not be affected by Stun grenades as long as the ability lasts. Making it an incredible choice for a variety of situations in the game.
  • As the ability description suggests, the Battle Rage field upgrade is an experimental stimulant that will give you an adrenaline rush when used. It’s one of the best choices to get out of hairy situations when in a gunfight and lets you survive and retaliate once you are aware of enemy positions.
  • There are some cons to the ability as well, one being the long cooldown period. The high downtime will force you to use the field upgrade sparingly and only when the situation for it arises.
  • Additionally, while it will allow you to regain missing health faster, it will not entirely block out incoming damage.

It’s also important to note here that players will not have access to the Battle Rage ability as soon as they get into the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. You will be required to check the in-game HUD and fill up the required meter before you are allowed to have access to this field upgrade.

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