What is the best pitching settings in MLB The Show 22?

MLB The Show 22 offers different settings to pitch for the players (Image via MLB)
MLB The Show 22 offers different settings to pitch for the players (Image via MLB)

MLB The Show 22 was released worldwide on April 4, and this year's edition marks the series' debut on the Nintendo Switch. While the game has retained the best elements from previous versions, changes have also been made to the mechanics.

MLB The Show offers the most realistic simulation of baseball and offers different settings for pitching in-game.


Pitching is one of the two basic elements in the game of baseball. It deals with delivering the ball, referred to as the pitch. There are different types of pitches users will be able to replicate in-game.

It's also important to know the different available settings for them. Some methods might be simple, but they may not offer the control players seek. Hence, an essential step when starting the game is to understand each setting, which will help gamers pick the most suitable one for them.

MLB The Show 22 offers different pitching settings

Classic control

This is the simplest and easiest method to follow in the game. First, players will have to select the type of pitch they want to deliver. Once they have chosen the style, the next task is to select the location, and the pitch will be made.

One important thing to remember for any pitch or setting is the Perfect Accuracy Region PAR. There's virtually no PAR for a fastball, but it could differ for other variations.

While users may prefer the variations, many could miss the strike zone. PAR will depend on two factors in MLB The Show 22: pitch control attribute and position of the pitch.


Pulse Pitching

At first glance, this method is similar to the Classic control. The major difference comes after selecting the location of the pitch. There will be a pulsating ring, and gamers will have to ensure that it's as small as possible. A smaller ring will result in more accurate pitching.

Meter Pitching


Meter Pitching offers more to users in selecting the speed and point of release. After choosing the pitch's location, they will be able to control the pace of their pitch. The slight variation to the same pitch type can often be the difference between a home run and a strikeout.

Once the speed has been selected, gamers will have to control the swing on the yellow line. It represents the perfect part of the PAR, which they will aim to hit.

While the greater pace may seem lucrative, the penalty will be higher if players miss the PAR. Alternately, a successful pitch will result in the pitcher getting more confidence, which grows the PAR and makes pitching easier.

Pure Analog control


This system has the same mechanics as Meter Pitching, but players will need to control it using the analog stick. They will have to curve around a target set by the pitch, and it will vary from one pitch to another.

Even the pitch location will have to be set with the analog stick. While this method might seem complex, it's an excellent alternative for anyone who has a problem with buttons.

Pinpoint Pitching


This is the newest method in MLB The Show 22 and is arguably the one that requires the most patience and practice. Every pitch will have a unique pattern that users will have to trace as accurately as possible.

The idea is to trace the movements as the pitcher starts his actions and bring the stick at the same time as he releases the pitch.

As mentioned earlier, this method will require a lot of practice. However, it's also a method that provides the most freedom.

What is the best pitching setting in MLB The Show 22?

There are different gamers in MLB The Show 22, and each will have their own unique preference. The Classic control is best for casual players and beginners as it's easy to do.


Meter Pitching is the best method to follow as it offers the perfect balance of freedom and ease of use. In addition, the PAR on this method is relatively small, which is another advantage.

For competitive players in MLB The Show 22, Pinpoint Pitching could be worth it due to the amount of freedom it will offer. It will be hard to replicate perfectly at the start but won't be too tricky for the hardcore players.

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