What to do if COD: Warzone won't connect to online services

(Image Credit: Activision)
(Image Credit: Activision)
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Online gaming has caused more issues nowadays than a scratched disc ever did. The frustration, especially with games like COD: Warzone, just doesn't seem to go away. Players oftentimes find themselves unable to login, running into game breaking bugs and glitches, or simply not being able access online functionalities.

COD: Warzone has had a recent issue with players getting a message that they are “unable to access online services.” Simply waiting isn't a useful solution to many gamers. The entire point of COD: Warzone is to be able to jump into a game and then right into another after it ends.

Why COD: Warzone players can't connect to online services and what to do

Server issues

Remember how we said waiting isn't a great solution?

Unfortunately in this case, it may be the only solution. For most COD: Warzone players, this connection issue is typically coming from the server side of things. It could be a server outage, an overage of players that wasn't predicted, or the server could be down for maintenance. The best bet is to wait it out for a minute and keep an eye on social media. There will be some sign of the servers being back up, either from players, or Infinity Ward themselves.

Local connection issues

(Image Credit: Activision)
(Image Credit: Activision)

There is a slight chance that COD: Warzone players can't connect to online services because of an issue with their own connection. This could be a corrupted game file or just simply the internet not working. Make sure everything is connected, from cords, to cables, to the devices reading the connection. Ensure that COD: Warzone is updated with the most recent patches.

If other games are working fine, it could be a COD: Warzone specific issue. If other games are having the same connection problem, it is more than likely due to internet troubles. Call the internet service provider or reinstall the game if the issue persists.

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