What is Drive Gauge and how it works in Street Fighter 6

The Drive Gauge is made up of six units that have an impact on combat and moves during the battle (Image via Capcom)
The Drive Gauge is made up of six units that have an impact on combat and moves during battle (Image via Capcom)

Street Fighter 6 introduces exciting new gameplay features that will appeal to both newcomers and longtime fans of the series. The game's updated mechanics have tremendous potential to captivate players. With regards to combat, the franchise has undergone an evolution and introduced a groundbreaking feature known as Drive Mechanics.

This innovative addition enhances the fighting experience and ensures intense and immersive battles. In every battle, players will have their familiar health gauge as well as a new addition called the Drive Gauge. This Drive Gauge is made up of six units that have an impact on combat and moves during the battle. Knowing the impact of the Drive Gauge in battle is crucial, as it directly determines the likelihood of winning matches.

Here’s everything you should know about Drive Gauge in Street Fighter 6


Every character in Street Fighter 6 possesses six Drive units, which determine the availability of Drive moves. However, utilizing these moves depletes the units, leading to a state called Burnout. When in the Burnout state, the likelihood of losing a fight increases due to the loss of your Fighter's stamina.

Six Drive Units (Image via Capcom)
Six Drive Units (Image via Capcom)

Although stamina regenerates slowly, it is crucial to maintain a safe distance from your opponent until it is fully replenished. Failing to do so significantly increases the risk of losing the match, as your opponent can capitalize on your Burnout state and unleash devastating combos.

In Street Fighter 6, the Drive Mechanics involve a combination of five special moves: Drive Parry, Drive Impact, Drive Rush, Drive Reversal, and Overdrive Art. These highly potent Drive maneuvers enable you to execute formidable combinations encompassing offensive and defensive actions. Employing a Drive move will diminish your Drive Gauge, but certain Drive maneuvers will replenish it when executed.

How to increase Drive gauge during a fight in Street Fighter 6


The move called Drive Parry enables you to replenish your Drive gauge, but it requires a successful Parry. You activate the Parry state by pressing the Medium Punch and Medium Kick buttons simultaneously. However, upon entering this state, your Drive gauge will begin to deplete gradually. Initially, it consumes half of the Drive meter, and then it gradually diminishes while you remain in the Parry state. Notably, it automatically parries multiple hits and simultaneously refills your Drive Gauge.

It is important to note that executing a late Parry will prevent a perfect Parry from occurring. On the other hand, performing a well-timed Parry will result in a detailed animation of a perfectly executed Parry. Achieving a successful Parry requires accuracy and a deep understanding of your opponent's actions, so you should consider spending some time to get the timing right.

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