What to expect from SEGA in 2022: Sonic Frontiers, Soul Hackers 2 and more

Which game are you looking forward to? (Images via SEGA)
Which game are you looking forward to? (Images via SEGA)

Japanese publisher SEGA may not be as relevant as they were during their golden years, but they're still going strong. Some great games are expected to come from the company's in-house as well as partner studios in 2022. These include iconic names like Sonic and Megami Tensei.

However, their niche franchises are also covered in the form of installments for series like Company of Heroes and Warhammer 40,000. These games will be launching on console, PC or both.

Here are the best games coming from SEGA this year.

SEGA's game release lineup for 2022 is surprisingly robust

1) Sonic Origins (June 23)


The blue hedgehog is SEGA's beloved mascot, so it is no surprise to see the company relive his days as Nintendo's competitor.

The upcoming Sonic Origins release combines some of his biggest 2D platforming adventures into one neat package. The games included are:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992)
  • Sonic 3 & Knuckles (1994)
  • Sonic CD (1993)

This remaster enhances the graphics for modern displays. At the same time, the developers have added new animations for level intro and outros, as well as new levels and cutscenes.

The Anniversary Mode also allows players to use the dash drop from 2017's Sonic Mania. Multiple game modes like boss rush, mirror-mode and objective-focused challenges grant coins that can be spent to unlock artwork.

Sonic Origins will be released for PC, PS4, PS5, XB1, XSX|S and Nintendo Switch.

2) Two Point Campus (August 09)


After the massive success of 2018's Two Point Hospital, developer Two Point Studios has taken the whimsical universe into the realm of academia.

As an overseer of a university campus, players must manage and govern all the detailed workings of their assigned institution. From building classrooms and libraries to paying staff salaries and hosting events, there is a lot to do in SEGA's upcoming management game.

The attention to detail of Hospital carries over. Players have to fuss over factors like whether each facility sufficiently covers the denizens needs or if a student is busy partying instead of studying. Players will also model the rooms and design the exteriors. They are also responsible for the ambience.

The game will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, XB1, XSX|S and Nintendo Switch.

3) Soul Hackers 2 (August 26)

The rising popularity of the Megami Tensei franchise has resulted in the latest installment going multiplatform.

Soul Hackers 2 from Atlus is the successor to the underrated SEGA Saturn JRPG and introduces modern audiences to an AI called Ringo.

Teaming up with members calling themselves Devil Summoners, Ringo must stop the nefarious Phantom Society's evil plans. The gameplay follows traditional SMT design with dungeon crawling and element-focused turn-based combat.

Unlike the original game, Soul Hackers 2 takes a different approach, more akin to the popular Persona 5. Players can explore handcrafted dungeons to meet and battle a variety of supernatural creatures from mythologies around the world.

The game will be available for PC, PS4, PS5, XB1 and XSX|S.

4) Warhammer 40,000: Darktide (September 13)


There are a number of Warhammer releases in 2022, but Darktide might just be the most hyped. Developed by Fatshark, it is a first-person shooter/hack & slash hybrid multiplayer game. It takes notes from the developers' own Vermintide games, which are similar in design but set in a fantasy setting. Darktide, meanwhile, leans towards sci-fi.

The narrative sees Inquisitorial Agents investigating a potential Chaos infiltration on the planet Atoma Prime. Players will band together in up to four-player co-op against hordes of monsters.

There will be several long-range firearms and melee weapons that players can use to slaughter enemies, both weak and powerful. Unlike Vermintide, players will also be able to customize their classes from a visual standpoint.

Darktide is coming to PC and Xbox Series X|S in September.

5) Bayonetta 3 (TBA 2022)


While it will be published by Nintendo, the upcoming Bayonetta 3 is still part of SEGA's franchise library.

The sassy Umbran Witch is back to cause chaos, and this time, she will face off against a powerful yet mysterious foe. Sporting a new look and new abilities, Bayonetta will once again face otherworldly foes in action-packed hack & slash combat.

Players can employ the Demon Masquerade ability to boost her combat efficiency. Meanwhile, her own titan-esque demons can be summoned on the battlefield to deal with other foes.

The game will exclusively be released on the Nintendo Switch as the Super Mario company is funding the development and publishing of the game.

6) Sonic Frontiers (Holiday 2022)

Arguably the most anticipated SEGA game on this list, Sonic Frontiers takes the iconic marsupial to the open world of Starfall Islands. The stark departure can be felt in the visuals, thanks to the more realistic take on environments. However, players can still expect to do Sonic things even in this hyper-realistic sandbox.

The vast plains are itching to be explored with Sonic's dash and boost, while the huge towers demand scaling to unearth their secrets. There are also many platforming challenges, puzzles to solve and enemies to fight.

Sonic Frontiers is scheduled for release on PC, PS4, PS5, XB1, XSX|S and Nintendo Switch.

7) Company of Heroes 3 (TBA 2022)


Canada-based Relic Entertainment's upcoming historic RTS game is their most ambitious project yet.

Company of Heroes 3 takes the underrated SEGA strategy series to the Italian and North African fronts of World War II. Taking inspiration from both of its predecessors, the new installment aims for realism while streamlining the rock-paper-scissors formula revolving around the units.

Players will strategically manage infantry, vehicles, artillery and other battle units actively out on the field to complete objectives. Each unit has its advantages and disadvantages against other units, and finding a balance while pushing back at the opponent is key.

New features like Tactical Pause allow queuing up commands, while the new destruction model immerses players like no other RTS before.

The game is coming exclusively to PC this year.

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