What is the Fiesta mode in Halo Infinite?

Play Fiesta mode during the Tenrai Event (Image via Xbox)
Play Fiesta mode during the Tenrai Event (Image via Xbox)

Halo Infinite's Fracture: Tenrai Event features a Fiesta mode that arrived in the game for the first time since its early launch last week. Along with the new Tenrai Event Pass, the Fiesta mode in Halo Infinite multiplayer offers up another way to play in the arena matches.

So far, there have only been two ways to play arena modes in Halo Infinite matchmaking. Choices were to either queue into quickplay or join a ranked playlist. Otherwise, there are custom game options, but they are not used for matchmaking. Fiesta offers up another spin on arena modes within the game in a more casual and party-friendly way.

How does Fiesta work in Halo Infinite multiplayer?

Fiesta is a simple mode that gives players a random set of weapons every time they spawn. Everyone will get two weapons at a time, and the combination can be a mix of any two weapons.

The only real limits are that the weapons in Halo Infinite cannot be duplicates, and there are never any double melee weapons. It is otherwise entirely possible to spawn with a Skewer and a Sniper or an Energy Sword and a Rocket Launcher. Different combinations are what define the game mode and each spawn is a roll of the dice. Chaos is the name of the game and the reason why the mode is called Fiesta in the first place.

If players don't like the weapons that they have, there aren't many options. There are no wall spawns for weapons at all, or power spawns for that matter, so killing enemies and taking their weapons is the best option. Of course, the ability to drop weapons in Halo Infinite is also a choice that players can make if communication is open.

How is Fiesta tied to the Fracture: Tenrai Event in Halo Infinite?

Considering that Fiesta has debuted with the Tenrai Event, it only makes sense that the mode would be intertwined with the event. The mode itself is marked with the same red banner that the Tenrai challenges have as well.

While there is no samurai theme to the mode, many of the Tenrai Event challenges will task players with playing Fiesta matches or getting kills in the party game. The mode will likely go away when the Tenrai Event comes to a close next week, so players should play while they can in Halo Infinite.

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