What are Fused Leapstones in Lost Ark and how to use them?

Honing gear with Fused Leapstones (Image via Gamer Hex/YouTube)
Honing gear with Fused Leapstones (Image via Gamer Hex/YouTube)
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Considering how Lost Ark is designed, every player, whether it be an expert or a new character, has to engage in some level of farming. It is the primary way to level up the protagonist, whether it be through better weapons or armor.

This is because the content in the game is typically tied to Item Level. Players will start to notice prerequisites for certain dungeons, especially Chaos Dungeons, as they near the max level. They will be required to farm material while conquering lesser dungeons to unlock more content and replace their old and busted gear.

In addition to replacing their old gear, players will also have to resort to Honing. This is where farming crafting materials becomes a necessity. Honing increases the gear's Item Level. Unfortunately, as the gear gets stronger, the number of crafting materials required to upgrade it increases as well.

However, the game has another option for players to improve their gear: Fused Leapstones. Here is a breakdown of what they do, how to use them, and where to obtain Fused Leapstones in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark: what are Fused Leapstones and how to use them


Fused Leapstones can improve gear in Lost Ark by specifically targeting the Item Level of the equipment. Rather than being a collection of crafting materials, it is one consumable item, better described as Honing in a different form.

Here is how to upgrade your gear via Fused Leapstones:

  • Step 1: Obtain a Fused Leapstone.
  • Step 2: Speak to a Honing specialist.
  • Step 3: Choose ‘Special Honing.’
  • Step 4: Pick a piece of gear to upgrade.

While it is another form of leveling up gear, Fused Leapstones is not a replacement for Honing, simply because the former does not guarantee an increase in the gear's Item Level. On the flip side, if the player is lucky and the required item is improved, then they are able to save themselves some precious resources in Lost Ark.

The best way to use Fused Leapstones in Lost Ark is to use them in addition to Honing. The other things to keep in mind when using Fused Leapstones are as follows:

  • If a Fused Leapstone fails, it does not count towards the Artisan’s Energy
  • Fused Leapstones can only be applied once the player has reached Item Level 1415
  • Fused Leapstones drop from Valtan, the Demon Beast Commander

Speaking to that last point - Demon Beast Commander Valtan is a boss in the Valtan Legion Raid. Upon its defeat, the creature might drop Fused Leapstones. However, if he does not do so, players will have to wait a week to do a Legion Raid again, as these raids can only be completed once a week in Lost Ark.

Gamers will also have to complete the quest '[Guide] Notice: Legion Raid' to start the 'Resurrected Lord of Destruction' quest and unlock the Valtan Legion Raid.

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