What are Torn Parchment Fragments and how to use them in Lost Ark

The power of ink and paper (Image via Smilegate RPG)
The power of ink and paper (Image via Smilegate RPG)

Lost Ark features a truly staggering number of collectible and consumable items which flow from every square inch of its world. Players will regularly be staring at their packed inventory screen and wondering what they should do with everything they're carrying.

Torn Parchment Fragments are precisely what they sound like, messages on paper that have been ripped to shreds. They're waterlogged pieces of parchment that players can find but cannot read or discern meaning from. These items have a use or two, but they aren't immediately clear.

Torn Parchment Fragments in Lost Ark

Lost Ark's countless collectible items may sometime convince the player to seek them out. Unfortunately, not every piece of loot a player can stumble onto has any substantial hidden meaning. This item has two uses, but neither is particularly groundbreaking.

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Torn Parchment Fragments are marked with the distinctive blue bag of vendor trash. The damaged pages are meant to be sold off to anyone who will take them for a meager payout.

Pretty much any vendor found in the game will accept the Torn Parchment Fragments but don't expect to get rich off of them. This wet trash is worth 50 silver coins, which is little but better than nothing.

There is, however, one other sales purpose for the Torn Parchment Fragments does exist. The Tooki Corporation will accept a few of them in exchange for a mystical Tooki Transformation Coin.

At the low cost of 10 Torn Parchment Fragments, players can buy a coin that will allow them to become one of Tooki Island's trademark mole creatures. This is fun and charming, but it also feeds into a variety of the Tooki Corporation quests on this specific island.

The Torn Parchment Fragments are further devalued because many other things can be used to buy Tooki Transformation Coins. Silver, giant rocks, worn pieces of glass, Tooki King's fake eyes, and a myriad of other random trash can be traded in for this purpose.

Using the Torn Parchment Fragments in Lost Ark

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Funnily enough, Lost Ark's use of the Torn Parchment Fragments might be a deliberate joke. SmileGate's hit MMORPG isn't the only big name in the genre to use the same item with a different purpose.

Black Desert Online, a Korean RPG released in 2014, would be a peer of the more modern entry. That game also features Torn Parchment Fragments, but they can be combined to form a special item in the game.

In Lost Ark, the Torn Parchment Fragments have the same name and image, but they aren't particularly useful. Players must choose between turning them in for cash or specific coins.

If players are particularly interested in becoming a Tooki in the near future, they should save up to 10 or more. If players would rather take some more general rewards, turn them in for cash and consider them as coupons.

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