How to get pets for free in Lost Ark

Getting free pets in Lost Ark (Images via Smilegate)
Getting free pets in Lost Ark (Images via Smilegate)
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Pets and companions play an instrumental role in certain gameplay mechanics of MMORPGs, and Lost Ark is no stranger to this fact. Pets provide players with a lot of in-game perks like combat and looting bonuses, making them some of the most sought-after companions in Smilegate’s popular multiplayer title.

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While some of the more premium pets are locked behind an in-game paywall, the game still allows players to get their hands on a few at no cost while continuing their progress in the game.

There are primarily three ways that adventurers will be able to get companions for free in the title, and today's guide will talk about the methods and also assist those who are still searching for their first pet in Lost Ark.

Getting free pets in Lost Ark


Adventurers will be able to get their hands on some free pets through the following methods:

1) Completing the Guide Quest, “Pets”


One of the most reliable ways that will allow players to get a free pet is by completing the Guide Quest mission, which is appropriately titled “Pets.” The quest unlocks when adventurers reach a point in the main narrative where they will need to return to their starting town while it’s under attack.

Once the sequence of missions is over, a new NPC will appear in the area from whom players will be able to acquire the “Pets” quest. Upon completion, the quest will automatically provide the adventurer with a white Bunny companion.

2) With the help of the Power Pass Token


The Power Pass Token will help players level boost their newly made secondary character to level 50. While it’s a free feature, adventurers will only get to unlock it after completing “Ealyn’s Gift,” which is the last quest of the North Bern storyline.

After completing the base content to that point, players will receive a Vern Power Pass Token, which will include another Power Pass after they cash in their first token.

This additional token can be used to participate in a variety of optional tutorials and guides for the alternate character. One such tutorial is called “The Adventurer’s Path,” which, upon completion, will provide players with a selection of Sebastian pets that they can choose from.

This is another great way to get a companion in Lost Ark without having to spend anything at all.

3) Making use of the Twitch Drop campaign

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Participating in Lost Ark’s Twitch Drop campaign is another great way to get a pet for free in the MMORPG. The event is currently live and will last until March 1, 2022, and adventurers will be able to get their hands on some free and exclusive loot after every 4 hours of stream watch time.

It’s important to note that the drops will only appear on those streams that have the Twitch drop feature enabled for the game. Otherwise, players will not be able to get their hands on any of the rewards with a few of them being pets.


To receive the drop, adventurers will need to go to the game’s official Twitch page and link their Steam to their Twitch account to activate the drop feature after completing the required watch time of 4 hours to receive their first reward.

Pets will be some of the few drops that will be rewarded to players for viewing, and to redeem them, all one needs to do is to log into the game and open the Lost Ark mail tab to receive them.

This event will also allow players to get their hands on a Gelgaia Selection Chest as well as a Saphia Selection Chest, allowing adventurers to choose different color variants for their companions.

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