What is KJ Wright's Madden 22 rating?

KJ Wright received a new overall in Madden 22 (Image via Electronic Arts)
KJ Wright received a new overall in Madden 22 (Image via Electronic Arts)

Madden 22 is the latest game in the yearly franchise, and even though the game is still fresh, KJ Wright is a very recent addition. Roster updates are common in Madden and will appear as required in Madden 22.

Roster updates typically happen when players are drafted or if players are traded to new teams as the season begins. KJ Wright himself has changed teams just as the regular season is set to begin in the NFL. Before his trade, he spent about 10 seasons with the Seattle Seahawks.

In the most recent developments, KJ Wright has become the latest addition to the Las Vegas Raiders. He was a free agent after the Seattle Seahawks neglected to re-sign him. Regardless, he was available to sign and is the latest linebacker to join the Raiders Roster.

It makes sense for Electronic Arts to update the roster as much as possible before the regular season starts. More updates may arrive soon as the season goes on, but for now, players can focus on the stats that KJ Wright has in Madden 22.

KJ Wright's overall and stats in the Madden 22 roster update

In the past, KJ Wright has been rated fairly high in Madden games. He's consistently been one of the top choices for a linebacker, and in Madden 20, he was even at a 97 overall.

Since then, his overall has gone down, and in the past it was a bit lower as well. 97 was a highpoint for KJ Wright as a player in the Madden franchise. In Madden 22, KJ Wright is rated at an 83 overall as a linebacker. It's significantly less than his rating in Madden 20, but he could make a comeback as the season goes on, or if there is a new roster update.

As for his other stats, his only 93 level stat is his awareness on the field, and that comes with being a player in the league for 10 seasons at this point. Acceleration, or ACC, is his second highest stat at 83 to match his full overall. Behind that is speed at 79 and agility at 78.

If players want to, there is always the option to increase overalls in a custom roster within Madden 22. However, that won't work as a legitimate option for most online modes.

Edited by Siddharth Satish
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