What is the new Arena mode in Horizon Forbidden West?

Aloy comes face to face with an adversary (Image via Guerrilla Games)
Aloy comes face to face with an adversary (Image via Guerrilla Games)
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Horizon Forbidden West welcomes back fans of the original Horizon Zero Dawn, promising to improve aspects of the first game. The sequel is scheduled to be released on February 18 and is eagerly awaited by users throughout the globe.

Series fans have been waiting to jump back into the shoes of their favorite protagonist Aloy, and their wishes are finally going to be fulfilled. Gamers will be able to explore the world of the new title and find out more about the blight that’s threatening the planet and about the character at the center of it all, Aloy.

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New Arena featuring combat challenges in Horizon Forbidden West

A little late into Horizon Forbidden West, there is a feature known as the Arena, where Aloy fights against monster-like machines and other challenges. Players enter the ring to face various combat challenges under a specific time limit that unlocks rare features.

Users can also compete with their friends on an online leaderboard to see who has the best times to add a slight competitive edge to the Arena. This mode promises to bring variety into the series and is a wonderful demonstration of the excellent combat mechanics of Horizon Forbidden West.


The much-awaited introduction of Slitherfang

One of the most awaited features of the Arena mode is the fight with Slitherfang, a huge serpentine machine that Aloy combats. The battle promises to be challenging for gamers and an extremely rewarding experience.

The Arena mode may be an indication that the franchise could be indulging those players who have a hunger for challenging boss battles in games. Slitherfang might only be the tip of the iceberg of exciting and challenging boss battles that users face throughout the title.

The hype for this installment of the series is endless, and it can only be hoped that the developers give their utmost to please long-standing fans. Meanwhile, PC fans need to hold their patience as they wait for a port of Horizon Forbidden West.

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