What is R-400 weapon combination in Apex Legends?

Everything to know about the R-400 in the shooter game (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Everything to know about the R-400 in the shooter game (Image via Respawn Entertainment)

Apex Legends provides its players with a massive arsenal of weapons that keeps on increasing and gives new ways to play the game with them. Players can take up different weapon combinations that would favor their survival in the Outlands.

The R-400 is one of the oldest meta weapon combinations that still gets used in Apex Legends. The combination gets its name from R-301 and R-99, the two light ammo-based weapons that are very powerful in their own ways. Since 99 + 301 gives 400, the combination is popularly known as the R-400.


This article will explain why the R-400 combination is popular in the community, along with its use cases in the shooter game.

Why the R-400 combination is so popular in Apex Legends?

Players pick the R-400 combination strictly out of preference and might co-relate to their playstyles. Both these light ammo-based weapons found their origin from the Titanfall 2, which came out back in 2016. Previously R-301 was known as R-201, while the R-99 had its name as R-97.

As Apex Legends’ universe takes place after the events of Titanfall 2, the weapons have also evolved with time; thus, they got a change in their nomenclature.

Back when Apex Legends made its arrival in the shooter world, most players were seen to be taking both R-301 and R-99. All the players using this combination had to salvage a lot of light ammo to dominate their opponents up close and far.

The R-301 is an assault rifle, so the weapon is great enough to damage targets far away with a reasonable amount of recoil. The R-99, being an SMG, has high recoil and is great for shooting targets at shorter ranges.

So, when players are equipped with both these weapons, it allows them to shoot their enemies at a large range and makes them efficient. However, this loadout isn’t really the best, as Snipers will always have a higher advantage over the R-301, and shotguns are much more reliable at short ranges.