Which weapons are gold-rated in Apex Legends Season 12 Defiance?

Gold weapons are extremely valuable (Image via EA)
Gold weapons are extremely valuable (Image via EA)

Apex Legends has a lot of elements to it, but if something truly satisfies the fans, it has to be the guns.

Guns are arguably the most critical part of the game since it's either kill or be killed. Legends have their skills and loadouts that make them strong in some aspects and weak in others. But had it not been for the great gunplay, Apex Legends would never have been what it is. Respawn's rendering of guns in the game is genuinely second to none.


Now when it comes to guns, there are a lot of freedoms available to the players. The game allows the players to customize their weapons according to their preferences.

According to Respawn, replicators will become available with craftable weapons. But there's a strong reason why gold weapons are still highly sought after in the game.

Gold weapons in Apex Legends come prefit with attachments

Gold weapons are valuable as they have distinct advantages. These advantages can differentiate between a player winning a match or losing it. Not only do gold weapons come with pre-built attachments, but the attachments are also of the highest rarity.

For players, it's essential to know which guns will spawn as gold weapons. This helps save time while scavenging the points of interest for these weapons. All the guns that will be available in gold in season 12 are:

  • RE-45
  • Triple Take
  • Peacekeeper
  • Prowler
  • Havoc

Where to find the gold weapons?

The gold-tiered weapons can be found on both maps in Apex Legends - Olympus and Storm Point. Players have to scavenge through the different POIs and hope to be lucky. However, changes are coming to both maps starting February 8.


Olympus has seen significant changes, with the map getting all the new terrain. According to Respawn, the POIs have also been increased and will be the most ever in the map's history. On top of all this, players will want to make the most of Olympus' guaranteed gold weapon zone.

Storm Point is the newer of the two maps, but it has also undergone several changes. The significant difference is how the dropship appears, and certain areas will become more accessible. However, there's no guaranteed zone yet, but gold-tiered weapons can still be found if players can be lucky enough.

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