What are the reviews for Psychonauts 2 saying?

Reviews are going well for Psychonauts 2 (Image via Double Fine)
Reviews are going well for Psychonauts 2 (Image via Double Fine)

Reviews for Psychonauts 2 have finally dropped as the embargo was lifted, and critics have showered high praise on the long-awaited sequel. While players may need to wait a couple more days to play the game themselves, the wait seems promising so far.

The official release date for Psychonauts 2 is August 25, 2021. It will also be available across multiple platforms including PC, PlayStation, and the Xbox systems.

Next-gen consoles will also be able to run the game. While preorders are still available though, the reviews were made available as of August 23.

Many were skeptical of how well Psychonauts 2 would do considering the long journey the development team at Double Fine had. The first Psychonauts game was released all the way back in 2005, so saying there's been some time in between games is an understatement.

Double Fine went on as an independent studio and was founded initially by Tim Schafer, who is well known in the industry. However, as the development process became more expensive, the studio was acquired by Microsoft and the Xbox team, in the same manner as Bethesda essentially. The new funding allowed Psychonauts 2 to advance in development.

It appears that the additional time and resources have benefitted Double Fine, as reviews have been glowing for the platformer game.

What some outlets are saying about Psychonauts 2 in their reviews


So far, Psychonauts 2 is scoring the high 80's on Metacritic, which is a great sign for any game. Getting beyond a 90 is a tough feat, and ending up near there deserves praise.

Game Informer and GameSpot both gave Psychonauts 2 a 90 out of 100 based on Metacritic scores, which is promising news.

Game Informer:

"I adored almost every second of Psychonauts 2. It achieves something I don’t often see in games – a continual sense of awe as each of its worlds unfold. It took 16 years to reach release, but Double Fine has delivered an incredible sequel."


"On the surface, Psychonauts 2 is an engaging, ambitious, honed-in take on colorful 3D platformers. However, the most rewarding aspect hasn't just been mastering its platforms or combat, but peeling back the layers to see what's beneath it; to take a closer look at its characters, the depth of their struggles, fears, and regrets, all of which serve as the game's foundation."

VG247 even gave Psychonauts a perfect score with a 100/100 based on Metacritic's system. For them, the game is a solid game of the year contender:

"This was a review I picked up on a whim, looking to try something new, and now I’m walking away with a strong new game of the year contender."

With anticipation building up, it seems all fans can do is look out for the Psychonauts 2 release on August 25, 2021.

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