What is the right age for children to start playing Roblox?

Image via Roblox Corporation
Image via Roblox Corporation
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Roblox has cartoony aspects, such as games like Fortnite and Minecraft, that many children enjoy.

Is the game meant to be played by children, however? The short answer is yes. Roblox is technically a children's game. The majority of gameplay is suitable for a kid.


Now, this isn't to say the game should be played by the youngest of children. Roblox does have some fantasy violence, which granted it the ESRB rating that it currently has.

The age children should be before playing Roblox

Image via Roblox Corporation
Image via Roblox Corporation

The ESRB rating Roblox received is E10+. This mean it is recommended for everyone the age of 10 and up. Fantasy violence is the reason, but ESRB states that typical gameplay should cater to the majority of children.

Roblox allows kids to have fun and learn at the same time. Those wanting to develop their own Roblox modes can take on coding, game design, reading skills, and entrepreneurship with the various aspects of the game.

While it does have an E10+ rating, there is a Users Interact notice and an In-Game Purchases notice that parents should be aware of. Roblox is a widely available multiplayer game that sees all types of individuals.

Some of the things said in-game may not be suitable for children. While they can't moderate every single thing, Roblox does a good job of keeping the game as kid-friendly as possible.

With in-game purchases, parents should be aware of their credit or debit card information. If they don't trust their child, they should avoid linking their financial information to their account or making it easily accessible for them to spend money in Roblox.

The Parents' Ultimate Guide to Roblox uses these as an example to keep it 13+. They recommend disregarding the E10+ rating for a higher 13+ threshold for those jumping into the game.

They mention the games' privacy settings and teaching children how to recognize bad or unwelcome behavior if they are going to let them load into a game of Roblox.

Different modes make the rating a bit of a gray area, with simple and fun games such as running a restaurant, or more intense games like first-person shooters and Hunger Games type survivals, mean any parent should monitor what type of mode their child is playing, regardless of their age.

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