What's the best healing class in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark has several classes and subclasses (Image via Smilegate)
Lost Ark has several classes and subclasses (Image via Smilegate)
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There are five main classes in Lost Ark, with several advanced classes available between the five of them.

Each class has its own unique properties and capabilities. There are ones who will deal heavy damage, ones that will soak up loads of damage, and others that can support allies.


The best option in almost any MMORPG to support your allies is a healer class. If you are looking to put together a solid healing character, the Mage class is the way to go. Follow that up with the Bard subclass, and you'll be a healing machine.

The Mage is the best healer class in Lost Ark

When you start Lost Ark, you'll pick a server and begin creating a character. Mage is one of the five classes you can initially choose from. As the name indicates, the Mage class will deal with a lot of magic and spells.

The Mage class is described as a ranged spellcaster who can either rain down destruction from afar or support allies with buffs and healing. The class is a bit fragile compared to others, but in a supportive role, it is unmatched.

You will want to focus on the Intelligence stat when playing as a Mage. This is the main damage attribute used by Mage weapons. After completing the tutorial and reaching level 10, you can go even further by selecting the Bard advanced class.

Bard advanced class explained

Well....I am in love with my Bard. #LostArk What a gorgeous game.

There are two advanced classes for the Mage in Lost Ark. One is the Sorceress, who plays an offensive role and the other is the Bard, who will focus on supporting allies from a distance.

Bards can heal themselves and allies, as well as provide powerful shields and damage buffs. The class wields a Harp that produces magical songs to put its abilities to use.

Bards are not just the best healers in the game, but the best supporters overall. It works well when played with allies who can deal the damage for you while you sit back and buff them with your magical powers.

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