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What's new in the Fortnite update 14.30: Combat shotgun buff, 9 new weapons and more

Fortnite added some interesting new weapons in the game files and made changes to the existing weapon as well (Image credit: Epic Games)
Fortnite added some interesting new weapons in the game files and made changes to the existing weapon as well (Image credit: Epic Games)
Modified 13 Oct 2020, 21:27 IST

Fortnite has just released its v14.30 update, and it has added a host of new changes to the game. The most crucial aspect of the update was probably the weapon changes made to the Combat shotgun. However, the data for nine new guns have been found in the game files as well.

Talking about the Marvel superheroes, Daredevil, Ghost Rider and other characters should join the existing Marvel forces, as Galactus can be seen very clearly in the sky after this update. As the season is nearing its halfway mark, Galactus might make an appearance during the final Season 4 live event, and provide a Marvel-themed ending to this exciting season.

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In this piece, we will be talking about the changes made to the combat shotgun and the nine upcoming weapons that have been leaked in the game files.

Combat shotgun gets buffed and new Fortnite leaked weapons coming soon

After the pump shotguns were added back into the game in Chapter 2 Season 4, gamers barely use the combat shotgun due to its inconsistent damage and lack of control. Pump Shotguns feels much better to use, and have the ability to one-shot enemies who are close to you. The developers took notice of this and buffed the weapon to make players potentially choose the combat shotgun over the pump option.

According to ShadowOPsFN, here are the new statistics for the Combat shotgun, compared to the earlier version of the weapon. Although these buffs are solid, the fact that players are already comfortable using the pump shotgun could become an issue.

However, that's not even the best news, as new nine weapons will be releasing soon. These new guns were leaked by iFiremonkey, and they look fantastic. Numbers-wise, they look decent, but diversification of the weapons is something that Fortnite needed to do a long time.


Many players complained about the lack of new weapons, and Epic Games added a total of nine weapons this time. As you can see in the video above, these weapons feel very unique, and should bring a lot of new combat strategies to Fortnite.

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Published 13 Oct 2020, 21:27 IST
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