What is The Whale ship in Sable?

The Whale is the largest ship in Sable (Image via Shedworks)
The Whale is the largest ship in Sable (Image via Shedworks)

One of the biggest mysteries in Sable is The Whale location, and without direction, the point of interest can get pretty confusing. But it's absolutely worth exploring and figuring out the secrets within.

The Whale in Sable is located almost directly West on the map at the bottom of the red portion of the world. Until players buy a map from the cartographer, the area will be hidden, but with a map, finding it is incredibly easy. Not only will The Whale be a massive red blob on the map, but the cartographer can also mark the point in gray.

When players arrive at The Whale, it can be difficult to figure out exactly what the place does. It's immediately obvious that The Whale is an ancient ship that crashed in the area and is falling apart, but it's far bigger than any other ship in the game. Most of the other ancient ships in Sable could likely fit inside The Whale, and players may want their bike to get around quick.

There is good reason for The Whale to stick out in Sable, and that is because the conclusion to a quest called "Historical Reconnection" takes place in the ship. Not only will players need to navigate their way on some platforms and make it to a level further up, but they will need enough progress to reap the rewards.

How to get the rewards within The Whale in Sable


If players make it to a level above, they will find a door with easy access and a massive version of Sarin inside. Sarin is an AI that can be found in six other ships scattered across the Sable world. But this time, Sarin is clearly centralized in the area and is waiting for Sable to find all other ships.

As players find each other Sarin and the audio log that goes along to tell a full story, the lights will go from red to green in The Whale. When all the lights are green, Sarin will tell Sable that they have accomplished the full quest, and two rewards can be taken.

On the left, there is a bike which has the fastest raw speed stats in the game, and it has a fantastic esthetic. To the right, there is a suit based on The Whale that can be worn by Sable for the rest of the game. The rewards in The Whale are certainly worth it, but they'll take some time to gather.

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