What is the use of the Dust of Azoth in Genshin Impact?

Buying Dust of Azoth in Genshin Impact
Buying Dust of Azoth in Genshin Impact
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The Dust of Azoth is a crafting material in Genshin Impact used to transmute elemental ascension materials into those of a different elemental attribute.

Players can obtain up to 1000 of the Dust of Azoth every month from the Stardust Exchange and potentially more if there is an event shop. The Stardust Exchange sells Dust of Azoth in bunches of 10 for a cost of five Stardust.

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The use of the Dust of Azoth in Genshin Impact

Transmuting a Chunk in Genshin Impact
Transmuting a Chunk in Genshin Impact

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The Dust of Azoth is a very useful material in Genshin Impact, especially as players progress and need more and more ascension materials. A common late-game problem for players is having plenty of unneeded ascension materials while lacking ascension materials that are needed. The Dust of Azoth is made to solve this problem.

Players must use more Dust of Azoth when transmuting larger ascension materials. The rate is scaled evenly with the amount of Slivers it would take to craft the material: three for Fragments, nine for Chunks, and 27 for Gemstones.

This implies that in the late game, players can consume Dust of Azoth at a very fast rate. Ascending a character to phase six requires six elemental Gemstones, and transmuting all of them will cost 162 units of the material.

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Is Dust of Azoth worth buying in Genshin Impact?

Dust of Azoth information (Image via game8)
Dust of Azoth information (Image via game8)

With other items available on the Stardust Exchange, it is questionable whether players should spend their Stardust on the Dust of Azoth.

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The biggest reason to buy Dust of Azoth is that it conserves resin. For many players, this is a big deal. The resin system, even after miHoYo’s adjustments, has been a bane for many.

With Dust of Azoth, players who farm for ascension materials can easily head to a crafting bench instead of another 40-resin boss fight.

P2W players and those who have saved up their Stardust shouldn’t see much of a limitation on buying Dust of Azoth. However, F2P players should be especially cautious before deciding to buy Dust of Azoth in large quantities.

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There’s more to building a character than leveling them up and ascending them. Players can certainly take advantage of the Dust of Azoth, but items like the Mystic Enhancement Ore, also available in the Stardust Exchange, shouldn’t be overlooked.

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