When does FIFA 23 early access begin? Starting dates, how to participate, and more

The Ultimate Edition comes with an early access period (Image via EA Sports)
The Ultimate Edition comes with an early access period (Image via EA Sports)

FIFA 23 will have an early access period, and fans can get up to 72 hours of extra gameplay. The early access period refers to an extended time when the game becomes available to a selected audience before the game's full release.

While early access is available to everyone, there are some special checkboxes players will need to tick. First, a special edition of FIFA 23 will allow players full participation in the early access. However, fans can opt not to pay the extra amount as there's another great way to enjoy the same privileges at a fraction of the cost.


It's quite understandable why fans will be naturally excited about getting an early access period. The game becomes fully unlocked, and they can enjoy all the modes without waiting for the full release.

Moreover, EA Sports has made the process quite straightforward for gamers to participate. Let's look at the current process and how fans can ensure they don't miss out on this extended period.

The FIFA 23 early access comes with all game modes unlocked

Before the early access period, let's look at when FIFA 23 releases worldwide. Depending on the time zone, the game will be released on September 30 in the western parts of the world and on October 1 in countries like India.

The early access period will begin exactly 72 hours before the game is released worldwide. Hence, it will start on September 27 in countries like the US and UK, while fans in India and Japan will have it starting from September 28.

The start time will be the same as the game's release, which will take place at 6:00 pm UK time. Players can adjust their timings accordingly, which applies to the early access period.

The only difference are the starting dates, as the times will be the same unless EA Sports makes last-minute changes. Players are requested to follow all official channels for any updates/changes if they're made to the schedule.

There is more than one way to enjoy the early access period as far as fans are concerned. The simple process is to get the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition, which guarantees the game's early access period. This will apply even if someone opts for it after its start, although players will have shorter durations at their hands.


If someone doesn't want to spend big money immediately, there's an easier solution. The EA Play subscription will offer a 10-hour trial to all subscribers, and interestingly, it also comes with early access.

This makes the offer very lucrative for two big reasons. Not only do fans enjoy early access, but they can also try out the game firsthand to understand if it's for them.

The trial is limited in a certain sense as players can play ten hours at most, but the progression will carry over if they decide to buy FIFA 23. Those opting for the standard edition of the game will have to wait until September 30, when it will release worldwide.

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