When will Antarctic Peninsula map release in Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 releasing new Control map, Antarctica Peninsula in Season 3 (Image via Blizzard)
Overwatch 2 releasing new Control map, Antarctica Peninsula in Season 3 (Image via Blizzard)

Overwatch 2 will introduce a brand new member to its map pool with Season 3. Along with a line of cosmetics and other items on their way, Blizzard is set to offer a cold map called Antarctic Peninsula in a couple of days.

The map consists of a few fascinating features that fans might love when they play on it. Antarctic Peninsula will reportedly provide some insight into the title's lore, as players will receive a new location hinting at Mei's past. Many veteran players are aware of the character's tragic history, with Blizzard providing small story-based content in the original Overwatch. That said, here's when the new map is coming to the game.

Antarctic Peninsula arrives next week in Overwatch 2

Blizzard has confirmed that the new map will be an inclusion fit for the Control game mode. Antarctic Peninsula is set to enter Overwatch 2's servers on February 7, 2023, along with the Season 3 update. Blizzard hasn't officially offered a word regarding when the patch will be released, but one can expect it to come out at 11 am PST.

❄️ Antarctic Peninsula is Coming ❄️ Slide into the New Control map in Season 3 kicking off Feb 7

Many sources say that the upcoming addition was made with the brand-new 5v5 meta in mind. This is because developers have slowly started to handcraft fresh maps for the sequel. Shambali Monastery is a perfect example of how Blizzard is trying to make maps that suit the 5v5 meta.

Map secrets and features

Overwatch 2's maps often offer Easter eggs and interactive features if fans examine certain areas carefully. That being said, Antarctica Peninsula will also encompass the said elements.

Antarctic Peninsula, a New Control map, debuts in Season 3! 🥶Tips to help you prepare:🧤Dress accordingly🐧Always say hi to the penguins🏆Capture the point & winTune in Feb 6 for the Season 3 Trailer👀

One of the most interactive features found on the map will be the unique fishing holes. Players will be able to fire their weapons into these holes and see lots of fish jumping outside. Too bad that they won't be able to collect them, however.

Another one of Blizzard's incredible details will be the addition of penguins around the map. While it is still not confirmed if these creatures will be interactive, they sure are an adorable inclusion to Antarctic Peninsula and its region. Blizzard has also asked fans to greet the birds in an official Twitter post, saying:

"Always say hi to the penguins."

This could also hint at the possibility of these flightless birds being interactive characters. If this theory is to be believed, penguins will be excellent to have on an Overwatch 2 map. Gamers will likely be able to use emotes like 'Hello' around those birds to test this theory once the map arrives.

Overwatch 2 Season 3 to introduce more content, along with Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctic Peninsula is set to possibly uncover some major Overwatch plots with its arrival. Fans are also excited to test out the third Control map in the game. Apart from it, Overwatch 2 is also bringing tons of other changes, including a few tweaks to competitive modes and a list of skinlines.


The officially announced Kiriko's Mythic cosmetic is one of the few items fans have known about that is on its way. Moreover, Season 3 will also introduce a brand new Battlepass that will encompass a variety of rewards. Fans are in for a treat with the upcoming update as the title continues to march towards a better meta.

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