When will FIFA 23 be on EA Play? Expected release date, features, and more

Many fans want this year
Many fans want FIFA 23 to be added to the subscription service as quickly as possible (Images via Electronic Arts)

An EA Play subscription will currently allow players to access a 10-hour trial of FIFA 23. However, subscribers are eagerly waiting for the entire game to be made available.

Since its inception, EA's subscription options have been a boon for players on a budget. EA Play offers several titles by the publisher for a monthly fee, which is much cheaper than purchasing those games individually. Both recent and older releases are included, and players can enjoy as many titles as they want. EA also routinely adds new games to the list and even makes some DLCs available from time to time.

This raises the question of when will FIFA 23 will become available on EA Play. After all, both PC players and console gamers will benefit massively from the addition of the game. Although EA Sports hasn't provided an exact date, an educated guess can be made based on previous trends.

Once FIFA 23 comes to EA Play, subscribers will be able to access all the game modes without paying anything extra

As mentioned earlier, FIFA 23 is currently only available on EA Play in the form of a 10-hour trial. This trial is beneficial to those who are unsure about purchasing the game. It allows a potential customer to try all the game modes and check to see if it runs well on their system. If they decide to convert the trial to a full purchase, players will retain all their progression and even get a discount on the base price of the game.


In the past, two previous releases have been added to the subscription service. The point at which they were added has differed, making speculating on expected dates challenging. FIFA 21 was added to EA Play in April 2021, when the game was completed six months after its release.

Many had expected something similar to happen with FIFA 22, and the game was eventually added to the subscription service. However, players had to wait two more months to play the game with their subscription. It's unclear why EA Sports made this decision, but gamers have been happy to get their hands on the game, albeit later than expected.

FIFA 22 is coming to Game Pass Ultimate / EA Play on June…

It's safe to assume that FIFA 23 will receive a similar treatment. A likely date would be between May and June 2023. Any date beyond June is unlikely, since EA Sports will start promoting the new release in July, following a pattern that has been repeated over the years.


Once FIFA 23 is available on EA Play, subscribers will be able to enjoy the entire game, including all the offline modes and Ultimate Team. To make matters easier, EA Sports provides a lot of packs to players to get them accustomed to the Ultimate Team mode and help them make a better squad.

Plenty of different game modes are available to players who are looking for an alternative to the Ultimate Team. Career mode allows FIFA 23 players to take the club of their choice to new heights. A World Cup mode will also be available once the title becomes available on EA Play.

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