When will FIFA 23 ratings be released? Expected date and time for all regions

It will be interesting to find who will be the top of the ratings (Image via EA Sports)
It will be interesting to find who will be the top of the ratings (Image via EA Sports)

The official first-look trailer for FIFA 23 has raised quite a bit of hype with the upcoming features. That being said, one important aspect is yet to be realized - the reveal of players' ratings and its release date.

While EA Sports hasn't announced an exact date for it, there can be some educated guesses that could be made based on how things have taken place in the past. If things go as per planned, fans might get to know the ratings at a similar timeframe as in the past.


FIFA 22 could provide a possible hint towards the ratings' reveal date, given that its title release occurred on the same date last year.

Regarding FIFA 22, the top 100 was released around the end of the second week of September. As for time, it could take place when daily events drop (6:00 PM BST) which is the most predictable one.

FIFA 23 will likely stick to tradition with the reveal of footballer ratings

Ratings take prime importance in all FIFA titles, and it will be no different for FIFA 23. From professional footballers to gamers, everyone looks forward to the annual tradition when the numbers are revealed.

It's not just about who secures the top position, as the ratings of those around them also become hot topics for discussions. This makes the scores very important, given that the footballers' in-game performance depends on them.


The official ratings of footballers who will be present in FIFA 23 are yet to be revealed. Things like the Top 100 footballers and the top ones in each league are likely to arrive when the ratings are released.

The top 100 wasn't the only list that was made, as there were dedicated ones themed on particular leagues. Each of the five big leagues got its best list, showing the top footballers based on ratings.

Given the similarity in release dates between FIFA 23 and the current release, one can expect the ratings to be released around the same time. The second and third week window in September could be the expected release time. Players will be able to catch all the updates across the official website, where each list will be added gradually.

However, it's advised that players keep track of the official updates to get the releases on time. It will be interesting to see which footballers will get an upgrade and if there is a new entrant in the Top 10.

Lionel Messi was the top-rated footballer last year, and one would be interested to see if there will be a new king this year.


Additionally, women's football has been given a major buff in terms of teams and leagues. While female teams are present in FIFA 22, the new leagues will allow things to be much more competitive. Sam Kerr has also become the first female player on the poster of the game's Ultimate Edition pack.

Aside from the new teams, HyperMotion 2 will likely grab all the headlines in FIFA 23. EA Sports has further refined the new technology introduced last year and will have over 600 new animations based on real-life performances.

The game releases on September 30 worldwide with three-day early access available to Ultimate Edition owners.

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