Where are all of the eggs in Roblox Brookhaven?

All across Roblox Brookhaven are hidden eggs (Image via Roblox)
All across Roblox Brookhaven are hidden eggs (Image via Roblox)
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Roblox Brookhaven has lots for a player to do, including finding Easter eggs. There are 44 Easter eggs altogether in Roblox Brookhaven. Some are difficult to find, while others are easier and clustered together.

Collecting all the eggs will take several real-life days. Players can only collect 15 eggs every 16 hours in Roblox Brookhaven. That means collecting all 44 Easter eggs will span across three days. So players should kick back with some Brookhaven music and get started.

Roblox Brookhaven: Where are all the Easter eggs?

Sometimes Easter eggs are obvious (Image via YouTube/Ashleyosity)
Sometimes Easter eggs are obvious (Image via YouTube/Ashleyosity)

Across Roblox Brookhaven, Easter eggs are hidden in the following locations:

  • Emerald Estates Building, by the Easter Event Stall. Check under the light pole.
  • Bush by the soccer field, outside Overlook High School.
  • Under the Easter Event’s sign board stating the event’s time.
  • There’s another Easter Egg at the beach, laying under a palm tree.
  • Stay Peachy Shop, under the statue, inside a bush, and under the nearby bridge.
  • Find the Moai statue. Behind it is another Easter Egg.
  • As you move towards the Roblox Brookhaven Lighthouse, you’ll come across two barrels. An Easter Egg is behind them. There’s another on the top floor, atop the fence by the telescope.
  • There’s a pier by the lighthouse. Another egg sits on the pier.
  • By the large bridge near the pier, look underneath. There’s an egg near the banana tree.
  • There’s another Easter Egg outside the Grocery Store, in the bush.
  • Find the Car Dealership and Personal Vehicles building inside Roblox Brookhaven. There’s a railroad with railroad crossing poles and an egg between them.
  • Inside the Car Dealership of Roblox Brookhaven, there’s an egg in a corner.
  • Find Flint inside the Personal Vehicles building There’s an egg behind him.
  • Head to the Construction Site. One of the construction vehicles has an egg on top. Another is by the red steel bars.
  • Find the treasure chest inside the Overlook Park. You’ll find another egg. Another can be found on the picnic table with an orange umbrella.
  • The Overlook Station has an egg under the cherry blossom tree and between two benches.
  • On top of the Organic Offers stall, then head inside the canal behind the stall. There’s another egg atop a rock.
  • Find the map of Overlook Bay. There’s a light pole and bench nearby, with an egg in between.
  • Find the bone sign at the Pet Store. There’s an egg underneath.
  • Go to the Wishing Well. There’s a bush nearby with an egg behind it. Another is found where the Wishing Well lake and canal come together.
  • As you make your way to Crazed Caverns (along the main highway), you’ll see a large waterfall. There’s an egg underneath and at the top. Another is found nearby, just under the map of Overlook Bar.
  • Just before you enter Crazed Caverns, there’s an egg at the entrance.
  • Head to the Gym. Look under the statue outside the building.
  • Look inside the flowerbed outside Honey’s Diner.
  • Look behind a pillar outside the Movie Theater.
  • Head to Roller Rick’s. Find the neon red and blue skate symbols. There’s a bush nearby with an egg.
  • Another egg is outside the Pizza Palace, on top of the picnic table.
  • Another egg is outside the Coastal Cup, on top of the picnic table.
  • Near the Emerald Estates is a map of Overlook Bay. Look behind it.
  • Dive into the bush outside the Overlook High School. There’s another on the patio table on the beach nearby the school.
  • Go to the pier that takes you to Fishing Island. Look under the pier. Then take the boat to the Fishing Island and find the treasure chest for another egg.
  • Look outside Barnacle’s Bait shop for two benches. The last egg is between them.

Now that players have collected every Easter egg in Roblox Brookhaven, they never have to do it again. They may now want to consider collecting Roblox Brookhaven codes.

Edited by Siddharth Satish
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