Where to find Rovlen in Lost Ark

Lost Ark dropped in the west on February 11. Image via Smilegate RPG
Lost Ark dropped in the west on February 11. Image via Smilegate RPG
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Lost Ark has undergone a massive expansion that took it from popular to massive overnight. The free-to-play MMORPG was a hit in South Korea but has since been brought all over the world by Amazon to massive success.

The game features some impressive challenges in its sizeable world, including the world bosses which guard the continents. These few massive monsters are among the most difficult fights available in the game and encourage entire servers to work together to win.

Where can players find Rovlen in Lost Ark?

Rovlen in Lost Ark. Image via Smilegate RPG
Rovlen in Lost Ark. Image via Smilegate RPG

Rovlen is located in the Bilbrin Forest, in the southwest corner of West Luterra. Players can only reach Rovlen's domain once they've gained the ability to sail to West Luterra.

As world boss, Rovlen remains in the same domain at all times and cannot be found elsewhere. While other bosses can move around their area, Rovlen is largely rooted to the ground and will be slightly easier to find.

Rovlen respawns thirty minutes after being killed, so if it isn't in the forest, just wait for its rebirth. Keep an eye on the area chat because it can be difficult to determine which channel Rovlen is active on.

How to beat Rovlen in Lost Ark

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Rovlen is a level 25 world boss, making it a substantial threat in the game. Rovlen has over twenty-three million HP, spread over twenty-three health bars that must be exhausted before it dies.

The massive evil plant has two primary attacks - swiping with its tendrils and spitting poison in a line. The tendril slam is telegraphed by red areas on the ground and the poison is telegraphed with purple lights.

Rovlen can also spawn separate tentacles that will attack the players independently. Finally, Rovlen can wrap itself in its tentacles to assume a defensive stance. This will absorb some of the damage it takes.

Beating Rovlen is more about avoiding damage than dealing it. The plant's attacks will do massive damage, but can be avoided fairly easily. Focus on dodging and eliminating the spawning tendrils to defeat Rovlen.

Taking on any world boss without a party is ill-advised. The boss is server-wide, so any number of strangers could join the fight to defeat Rovlen. This makes the encounter an ideal time to find a new party with some newfound friends.

A player who defeats Rovlen will earn three pieces of epic gear, one epic accessory, a random treasure map, a couple of cards, and Rovlen's entry in the Adventure Book. These items will improve gameplay in both the adventuring and card aspects of Lost Ark.

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