Where to find Hisuin Qwilfish in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Qwilfish's new Hisuian form (Image via YouTube/UnderTheRadar)
Qwilfish's new Hisuian form (Image via YouTube/UnderTheRadar)
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Pokemon Legends Arceus continues the trend of taking existing Pokemon and giving them new forms. It started back in Generation 7 with its Alola forms, like Alolan Raichu and Sandshrew.

Another creature joining the ever-growing list of Pokemon with new forms is Qwilfish. In the past, this little guy never had an evolution. Now, in the Hisui region, not only does Qwilfish get a Hisui form, it also gets a brand new evolution to match.

Pokemon Legends Arceus: where to find Hisuian Qwilfish


Hisuian Qwilfish make their homes in open waters. You won’t find any “swimming” above grass. That means you’ll need access to the bodies of water nearby, which is available when you unlock Basculegion.

Conveniently placed, unlocking Basculegion also means you’ve reached Cobalt Coastlands. Tranquility Cover, Lunker’s Lair, and Islepsy Shore are nearby, which is where wild Hisuian Qwilfish like to spawn.

Another spot is the Obsidian FIeldlands. Hisuian Qwilfish are found on Ramanas Island. Whichever spot you choose, having catching items and Stealth Spray will make the task much easier.

How to evolve Hisuian Qwilfish into Overqwil

Overqwil, Qwilfish's newest evolution (Image via Game Freak)
Overqwil, Qwilfish's newest evolution (Image via Game Freak)

Now that you have a Hisuian Qwilfish in hand, it’s helpful to evolve this Pokemon as soon as possible. When it evolves, it will become a very spiky Overqwil.

Evolving Pokemon has been slightly altered in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Pokemon still earn experience towards levels, but they no longer evolve on their own. Trainers have full control over when that happens.


When they’re ready, a small PokeBall will appear next to their name. Select the Pokemon in your bag and accept the new stage. Players need to meet two milestones in order to evolve Qwilfish into Overqwil:

  • Qwilfish must be level 15
  • Qwilfish must also use Barb Barrage 20 times in Strong Style

The first method is undoubtedly easier, as reaching level 15 is a cinch. Qwilfish learns Barb Barrage early on, but it’s a matter of using the ability until it’s mastered to unlock Agile and Strong Style.

Reach both milestones in Pokemon Legends Arceus and the option to evolve Qwilfish will present itself.

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