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Where to find leather in Outriders

Many of the items in Outriders will require leather for one reason or another (Image via Square Enix)
Many of the items in Outriders will require leather for one reason or another (Image via Square Enix)
Modified 07 Apr 2021

Leather is a fairly common material that Outriders players will need in order to craft or enhance items within the game. While the material may be common, players will need to find as much as possible as the game progresses.

Many of the items in the game will require leather for one reason or another. It's not as rare as titanium, but it's still important. Crafting itself is based on enhancing and upgrading a given gear piece. Leather is just another aspect of that process to a more common degree.

One of the best ways to collect as much leather as possible is to deconstruct armor whenever possible. It's recommended that players refrain from selling all of their available armor, so that the gear can be deconstructed for the desired materials. That rule goes for any desired resource - like titanium - in Outriders when it comes to crafting.

Deconstruction provides a good amount of leather in Outriders, but it's not the best way of collecting the resource. Hostile animals that act as enemies around the world of Enoch will also drop leather. They are a primary source of leather, much like other RPG games where crafting is prominent.

Searching chests around Enoch also provides players with the chance to gather more leather. Players should be opening chests regardless, but it's yet another excuse to stay on the lookout for the crates.

How crafting works in Outriders and why leather or titanium matter

Crafting in Outriders is primarily focused on enhancing and upgrading weapons that are found in the world of Enoch. Resources like leather and titanium are used to complete any crafting that players need.


One of the main aspects of crafting is upgrading the rarity of a weapon, which can be done up to epic. Legendary items can only be collected and enhanced after being upgraded to epic. Both leather and titanium have their place in high-level upgrades, but titanium is specifically needed to upgrade a weapon to epic.

Other aspects of crafting include increasing stats, which is prevalent at all levels of crafting in Outriders. Mods are also a major part of the system, as they allow players to swap out perks on a weapon and customize them to a given build. It's part of what makes builds in Outriders so diverse.

Overall, players should stay on the lookout for materials around Enoch and save gear in order to deconstruct.

Published 07 Apr 2021, 07:48 IST
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