Where to find oil veins in Ark Lost Island

Finding oil in Lost Island (Image via Sportskeeda)
Finding oil in Lost Island (Image via Sportskeeda)

Ark Lost Island is all about gathering resources for crafting and upgrades in a bid to survive the harsh conditions on the island. The higher the tier is, the rarer the materials required for any upgrades.

One of the most valuable resources for any player of Ark is oil. It can be gathered in numerous ways: by mining ocean oil, underwater cave oil, and mining the oil veins on the surface.

The Lost Island is the latest map made available to users. It is a non-canonical map community-made and is free to download. The map has added new biomes and challenges with over 150 sq kilometers and three new creatures.


Location of oil veins in Ark Lost Island

All oil veins in this map are found in the Scorched Earth biome in the south part of the map. The biome was the first expansion of the parent game and is filled with its own set of creatures that pose a danger to gamers. Environmental factors like heat and sandstorms also adversely affect their well-being.

The coordinates of the oil veins in the Scorched Earth biome in Ark Lost Island can be found on the resource map hosted on the Ark Wiki website. According to this map, these locations are as follows:

The resource map in Ark Lost Island (Image via Ark Wiki)
The resource map in Ark Lost Island (Image via Ark Wiki)
  • lat 83.83, lon 61.10
  • lat 87.77, lon 47.89
  • lat 88.28, lon 47.12
  • lat 89.19, lon 39.99
  • lat 91.17, lon 60.72
  • lat 91.25, lon 36.38
  • lat 91.45, lon 38.96
  • lat 91.95, lon 37.74
  • lat 93.22, lon 63.94
  • lat 92.86, lon 32.98

Furthermore, BEYPlaysGames has provided more coordinates for oil veins in Lost Island. They are as follows:

  • lat 88.4, lon 63.4
  • lat 86.7, lon 60.4
  • lat 79.5, lon 60.8
  • lat 83.3, lon 49.0
  • lat 83.8, lon 48.2
  • lat 84.6, lon 41.9
  • lat 86.8, lon 41.0
  • lat 87.3, lon 39.8
  • lat 86.6, lon 38.6
  • lat 88.2, lon 35.5 - double oil veins.

Ark Lost Island players must be cautious of their surroundings as aggressive creatures like Titanboa usually sprawl around these sites. It's best to plan the expedition out and carry firearms to engage if needed.

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