Where to find the Salt Giant in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark drops in the west on February 11 (Image via Smilegate RPG)
Lost Ark drops in the west on February 11 (Image via Smilegate RPG)
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Lost Ark is live in North America and Europe, and fans are already lining up to take on its challenges. The award-winning South Korean free-to-play MMORPG is a big hit that will now be expanding massively.

Throughout the game world lies a few threats so huge that the entire server must band together to take them down. One such threat is the hulking gray beast known as the Salt Giant.

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Where is the Salt Giant in Lost Ark?

Salt Giant in Lost Ark (Image via WOWquests/YouTube)
Salt Giant in Lost Ark (Image via WOWquests/YouTube)

The Salt Giant spawns in the Northeastern area of the Aregal Salt Plains, which is located on the continent of Yudia. The Salt Giant is a World Boss, a special enemy that guards a specific continent in the game world. Its continent is Yudia and it only spawns in its area.

The Salt Giant is on a thirty-minute respawn timer, so if he's dead, just wait a while and he'll respawn. The area he exists in doesn't vary, but the channel he's active in does. Keep an eye on the area chat to determine which channel the boss is active on and switch to face him down. As a boss of his station, The Salt Giant is very durable and strong. Make sure to bring a party to defeat the world boss.

What is The Salt Giant?

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The Salt Giant is one of the three world bosses currently available in Lost Ark. He is the world boss of Yudia, Rudric is the boss of Rethramis, and Rovlen is the boss of West Luterra.

In the lore of Lost Ark, The Salt Giant was once a noble elemental who defended the region with its power. When things got bad, the giant took it upon himself to absorb all the darkness to save his region. Doing so has transformed him into a twisted monster and slaying him would be an act of kindness for a fallen hero.

The fight against the Salt Giant might not be the hardest battle the game has to offer, but it belongs in the top three. He's a level 19 boss fight with over 23 million health, divided amongst twenty-three life bars.

Salt Giant is a mostly melee-focused enemy who attacks with his massive fists. Getting close to him is very dangerous, and he will give chase to far away enemies. His ground smash attacks deal massive damage and are briefly telegraphed in big glowing circles. He also throws rocks that stagger the player.

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