Where to get Magic Jars in Lost Ark

Pottery full of evil (Image via Smilegate RPG)
Pottery full of evil (Image via Smilegate RPG)

Lost Ark is a complex and expansive game with a tremendous amount of fun and fascinating tasks. Any item that a player can stumble on could be an essential part of a quest or a deadly trap in this game.

The Magic Jars are part of the central quest of the Island of Time, and players will have to find quite a few of them. Players will be looking for one fateful jar to earn the island token, but they'll have to brave some challenging encounters.

Finding Magic Jars in Lost Ark

Lost Ark players will find Magic Jars reasonably easily, but what comes out of these accursed pots will be tough. Take to the shore and go fishing to drag in a few Magic Jars.

Fishing anywhere on the Island of Time has a slight chance of hooking a Magic Jar. Cast the line frequently to drag in plenty of things. However, to complete the quest, players must be on the lookout for a particular jar.


Once the player has caught a jar from the sea, they'll have to traverse the island to find one of the four yellow portals. Approach one of those portals to open up the mysterious jar and find out what's inside.

In most cases, the jar will contain a mob of deadly enemies that players will have to slay. If this happens, mop up the mass of foes and head back to the ocean to try again.

One Magic Jar contains the deadly World Boss Savnak, the target of the player's quest. This horrific lobster monster is the final boss of the Island of Time, and he finds himself sealed away in a Magic Jar, awaiting his freedom.

Beating Savnak in Lost Ark

Lost Ark features a variety of deadly bosses that the player will have to duel with, and Savnak is one of the most powerful. It'll take a lot of luck to find Savnak in his pottery prison and much more to best him in combat.

Savnak is extremely deadly and capable of slaying most players in a single attack, so staying out of his way is key. Most of his attacks are fairly close-range, so fighting from the outside is ideal.

Bring a group to take on Savnak, avoid the big purple area of effect attacks, and settle in for a long battle of attrition. With a great deal of restraint and perfect dodging reflexes, players will best Savnak eventually.

Unfortunately, this encounter has an even more random chance because Savnak doesn't drop the Island Token every time. There are multiple ways to encounter Savnak, but most will have to defeat him numerous times.

Savnak should spawn in the center of the Island of Time, marked by a red star on the map. Players should only have to undergo the Magic Jar fishing quest once.

Lost Ark players need only fish off of the Island of Time and beat the random number generator to get Magic Jars. Once players have one, they must head to the portals and hope for the best.