Where is the Tree of Dreams in Genshin Impact?

A player locates the Tree of Dreams in Genshin Impact (Image via miHoYo)
A player locates the Tree of Dreams in Genshin Impact (Image via miHoYo)

Genshin Impact's 3.0 update has arrived, bringing with it plenty of new features and content to enjoy. One such implementation is a new Tree of Dreams named Vanarana.

By collecting Dendro Sigils in Genshin Impact, players can receive some solid rewards from the tree. This includes two different Fates, including Acquaint and Intertwined variants.


This particular tree is located in the Sumeru region, but players will need to meet a certain set of requirements to unlock the tree for use. Fortunately, this isn't too difficult, and players should be able to unlock the tree in no time.

How to unlock Vanarana in Genshin Impact Sumeru

The tree's relative location in Sumeru (Image via miHoYo)
The tree's relative location in Sumeru (Image via miHoYo)

To unlock Vanarana in Genshin Impact, players will need to follow a specific world questline. More specifically, players will need to complete both parts of the Aranyaka set of quests.

Once these quests have been completed, players will automatically receive the Tree of Dreams quest. This will unlock the tree for future use for as long as players need it. Afterward, all players need to do is offer up any Dendro Sigils they find for rewards.

Unlocking the Tree of Dreams


Follow these steps to unlock the Tree of Dreams:

  1. In Sumeru, travel south on the road from Sumeru City. At the crossroads between the southern road and Gandharva Ville, players should encounter Rana, giving them the first part of the Aranyaka questline in Genshin Impact.
  2. Once players have completed the "World of Aranara" quest, they should unlock the "Trees and Dreams" quest automatically.
  3. All that remains to be done is to head directly northeast of Aranara to find the Tree of Dreams. Players can then complete the questline and unlock the tree for its full use. Afterward, players will want to note the location for when they need to drop off some Dendro Sigils.

Dendro Sigils in Genshin Impact can be acquired through various means, including opening loot chests, completing domains, as well as earning them via the Statue of the Seven.

When these items are given to the Tree of Dreams, it will provide rewards across varying levels depending on the number of sigils given. All reward tiers will give players 200 Adventure Experience, 10 Mystic Enhancement Ore, and 50,000 Mora.

As the reward level increases, players gain access to better items, including Fates, Philosophies of Praxis, a key to the Sumeru Shrine of Depths, and Crowns of Insight, among many others.


As of Genshin Impact's 3.0 update, the Sumeru region is packed with new content, and Aranara is only a tiny part of the additions. Players should explore the region thoroughly and complete as many quests as possible to uncover all of the region's secrets.

This includes scripted quests, world missions, and world bosses that appear. While this will take a considerable amount of time and even more grit, players can complete all of the content in the Sumeru region at least once.

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