Where is Xinyue Kiosk in Genshin Impact? Spices From The West dish location

Xinyue Kiosk is an important area for the new event (Image via Genshin Impact)
Xinyue Kiosk is an important area for the new event (Image via Genshin Impact)
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Xinyue Kiosk is an important part of Genshin Impact's newest event, Spices from The West. Players will need to reach the area to purchase an important recipe, and some fans may have forgotten where this popular site in Liyue is.

Luckily, it is a pretty massive restaurant, making it an easy place to spot. This has been the site of a few big moments in the game, and players will need to head there once more for this event.

Listed below is a quick and easy-to-follow guide to finding the Xinyue Kiosk's location.

Where to find Xinyue Kiosk in Genshin Impact

// The Heyu Tea House ε’Œθ£•θŒΆι¦† or "Peaceful and Plentiful Tea House" is located in the upstairs region of the city, just below Northland Bank and the upstairs part of Xinyue Kiosk. It operates in the evening as well!

Xinyue Kiosk is one of Liyue's most opulent restaurants, and finding it in Genshin Impact is as simple as stepping into Liyue Harbor itself. This large restaurant towers over the much smaller Liyue Pavilion and is home to several of the game's best foods and important recipes. Heading here is a simple task, as players will only need to teleport to Liyue Harbor's northernmost waypoint.


From here, players must travel to the south until they reach the center of Liyue Harbor, where the crossroads lead in four directions. Traveling towards the small diamond icon on the map before making a left turn towards the large restaurant with the two lamps out front will lead players to their destination.

Out front, an NPC named Yueshu will be present and will sell players the new recipes required for the Spices from the West event.

How about visiting Liuli Pavilion and Xinyue Kiosk. They are selling new recipes there. Thank me later πŸ€“#GenshinImapct #genshintwt #xiao

Across the road, Liyue Pavilion also sells some recipes, and any aspiring chefs will want to pick them up as well. These Liyue-based recipes are pretty easy to create, and they are a necessity for the Spices from the West event.

This event will allow players to cook up some delicious dishes and spice them to perfection. These dishes can be turned in for amazing items, including a ton of Primogems.

Kaeya (EN) - Genshin Impact - Spices from the West Event #Genshinlmpact #kaeya #kaeyaalberich

There are some great rewards offered from this new event, as well as some big moments with fan-favorite characters like Kaeya. Fans can even feed their newly created masterpieces to the characters in their Serenitea Pot to boost their Friendship EXP.

Players will definitely want to get started with this event as soon as possible to grab all the rewards. While version 2.7 remains delayed, players can make the most of these events and save their Primogems for the upcoming banners.

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