Which tier does Mirage belong to in Apex Legends Season 9?

(Image via Respawn Entertainment)
(Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Rahul Bhushan

For the longest time, the Holographic Trickster has been a true fan-favorite in Apex Legends, but not really for his abilities and viability in the game. For the most part, Mirage is a fun Legend to play purely because his powers are incredibly unique and allow for some truly memorable plays.

But when players get serious and jump into Ranked to try and win a game in clutch, Mirage is one of the last legends they want to be playing. Respawn Entertainment has done an incredible job in improving Mirage's viability in Apex Legends, with a complete rework after Season 2.

After a few little tweaks here and there, it is safe to assume that Mirage is now in a pretty solid state in Apex Legends. But where does he belong on the tier list in Season 9 of Apex Legends?

Has Mirage finally graduated from C tier to B in Apex Legends?

The short answer to whether Mirage is any better than he was 2-3 seasons ago? Yes. But is he equally viable like Bloodhound or Pathfinder in Season 9? No.

Simply put, Mirage as a Legend falls somewhere between "viable" and "unplayable." He is much closer to B-Tier than he is to the bottom half of the C-tier, but that gap always seems too much for Mirage to cross in Apex Legends. But the current meta is incredibly well-balanced, and any major buffs to Mirage might change that.

Squads don't exactly rely on Mirage to deliver the game in clutch. He is more useful as a distraction to draw enemy squads into conflicts. The best case scenario: Mirage can be used to reveal enemy positions in Apex Legends.

Which map suits Mirage the best in Apex Legends Season 9?

Mirage isn't exactly an outdoors guy, as it is quite easy to spot a decoy when they are running out in the open without so much as a twitch. Close quarters is where Mirage truly earns his reputation in Apex Legends.

He can easily overwhelm enemy squads with his Ultimate or lure squads into a massive fight indoors. Combining Mirage with indoor gods like Caustic and Wattson often makes for a menacing team-up.

Thus, maps with more indoors, such as World's Edge, is perfect for Mirage. Even certain areas in Olympus are very Mirage-friendly. But it is this occasional viability that makes Mirage frustrating in Apex Legends.

The biggest issue with Mirage is that he isn't as versatile as a Bloodhound or a Wraith and is only situationally beneficial to the squad. Respawn might have to go back to the drawing board again to find a way to make Mirage a viable legend in competitive and Ranked.

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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