Who is Destiny 2's Eris Morn and how is she connected to the Darkness?

Now Lightless, Eris Morn has always been an asset to the Vanguard in Destiny. (Image via Bungie)
Now Lightless, Eris Morn has always been an asset to the Vanguard in Destiny. (Image via Bungie)

Eris Morn isn't the regular run-of-the-mill Guardian in Destiny. She used to be a Guardian at one point in time, but a twist of fate left her lightless. Eris is the Vanguard's source of information about anything related to the Hive and the Darkness. In fact, it's often believed that the Darkness itself has corrupted a part of Eris Morn.

Here's everything that other Lightbearers need to know about Eris Morn, the Bane of the Swarm.

Who is Eris Morn in Destiny?

Eris Morn is the NPC that players can encounter on the Moon and collect bounties from. But that isn't her only identity. She used to be a Hunter before her light was drained away.

Eris' journey began way back during the Great Ahamkara Hunt. The Ahamkara in Destiny 2 are shape-shifting, wish-granting creatures that were first spotted in the Solar System when the Traveler first appeared. These creatures drew power from the Guardians, who sought them out and wished for more power.


Their increased strength caused them to warp the universe in weird and unexpected ways to such an extent that the timelines were slowly being fractured. This caused the Vanguard to hunt the Ahamkara. Eris and her team were responsible for hunting and killing around seven such beasts.

Over the course of the hunt in Destiny, Eris Morn kept hearing whispers from the Ahamkara, who showed her visions of what she believed to be her life before she became a Guardian. These visions disturbed her a lot. At the end of the hunt, she kept a small fragment of an Ahamkara bone as a talisman.

The death of her Fireteam

After the Vanguard failed to reclaim the Moon from the Hive, Eris, Eriana-3, Toland, Sai Mota, Omar Agah, and Vell Tarlowe, sought to kill Crota, Son of Oryx, in his throne room in the Ascendant Realm. During their search, Eris Morn learned a lot from Toland about the Hive in Destiny.

As the hunt for Crota progressed, her fireteam fell one by one, and Eris was the last one standing. Her team couldn't kill Crota, and the entire expedition left Eris without her Light.

Alone and Lightless in the Hive warrens, the Ahamkara bone that she had with her guided her out of the warrens and, eventually, to her survival. After building a ship out of scraps, Eris Morn escaped the Moon and returned to the Tower in Destiny 2.


Once at the Tower, she started sharing her knowledge of the Hive. Commander Zavala and the Speaker believed that her obsession with the Hive was unhealthy and couldn't put their trust in her. However, Ikora Rey believed what Eris had to say and secretly employed her as a member of the Hidden, her very own network of spies.

While working for the Hidden, she uncovered that the Hive were becoming more active on the Moon and were probably going to attack Rasputin, the AI Warmind. Ikora asked her to stay at the Tower and aid in the fight against the Hive while she worked on trying to get the Vanguard to believe what Eris had to say.

Her efforts ultimately led to the death of Crota, Son of Oryx, and eventually, the Taken King himself.

The Nightmare awakens on the Moon in Destiny 2

After the events of Forsaken, Eris Morn was found on the Moon, investigating Hive activities again. She uncovered a Pyramid under a Hive structure known as the Scarlet Keep. Upon investigating the Scarlet Keep and Nightmares on the Moon, the Guardian comes across a Cryptoglyph that Eris later uses to help the Guardian enter the Pyramid.


Through this entire conquest, Eris concludes that Darkness is about to return, and her conclusions take shape when another Pyramid is found on Europa. Along with the Guardian and the Drifter, Eris begins investigating the Pyramid, with the Guardian being able to harness the Darkness for the first time.

As per the current storyline in Destiny 2, Eris Morn is investigating the arrival of the Derelict Leviathan and Emperor Calus near the moon. Emperor Calus is now a disciple of the Witness and is a threat to the Vanguard.