Why was Bastion removed from Overwatch 2?

why was bastion removed from Overwatch 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Why was Bastion removed from Overwatch 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Overwatch 2 was freshly released as a free-to-play hero-shooter title by Blizzard Entertainment. People quickly flocked to the game and the publishers were able to celebrate a 25 million player count in the first 10 days after launch.

This grand success is a milestone achievement but does not overshadow the fact that the title faces numerous bugs and issues in-game that continue to raise concerns in the community. One such bug was associated with the Damage Class Hero, Bastion, who has been effectively removed from the pool.

The article will discuss the bug that Bastion faced in Overwatch 2 and how it impacted the game.

Overwatch 2 Bastion removed due to a bug

Bastion is a robot Hero in Overwatch 2 who can output absurd amounts of damage with his abilities. He can be rightly called the Tank-killer considering how quickly he can dispose of high-health point enemies.

The game has had a rough start and faced countless bugs and issues from day one. The problems seem to continue to make their way and have driven the community to an edge. The most recent bug was seen on Bastion in one of his abilities.

Some players discovered a bug in the game where they could activate abilities in such a way that Bastion’s ability would fire multiple mortar shots simultaneously.

His ability was designed to shoot a total of three mortar shots that can inflict severe damage or even convert kills easily in the area of effect.

A barrage of mortars being dropped on players is definitely not a pleasant experience as Bastion can remain in a relatively safe position while bombarding the entire map with his ultimate. This led to his quick removal from all game modes.

Bastion is a relatively slow Hero in the Damage category in terms of fire rate as well as movement speed. He compensates for it using heavy artillery that can cripple the enemy team and is able to trasnform himself into a minigun with the help of an ability that only has a duration and an infinite magazine capacity.


There have been no new announcements regarding Bastion’s fix status but we can expect his rework to make its way into Overwatch 2 sometime during December. Fans love the chirpy robot capable of taking down tanks like shredding paper and cannot wait for his return.

His removal has impacted the meta to a certain degree for casual and new players. He was, after all, a direct counter for tanks like D'VA and Orisa, who are the most picked tanks. Bastion is a comparatively large Hero in his class and becomes an easy target to hit. This is compensated by his health points being higher and comparable to some weaker tanks.


Overwatch 2 has a colorful and wide roster, which is one of the most interesting parts of the game. Heroes from the prequel featuring in the newer title bring a fluidic transition as well as a shared connection with the ongoing storyline.

The game will be rolling out updates regularly to tackle bug reports and also introduce seasonal content in the upcoming days. Be sure to stay ahead with regular coverage from Sportskeeda on the latest stories around Blizzard’s hero-shooter title.

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