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Why Dr Disrespect doesn't need Twitch to survive

(Image Credit: Dr Dispect/YouTube)
(Image Credit: Dr Dispect/YouTube)
Modified 18 Oct 2020, 04:39 IST

Dr Disrespect seems to have a new story to report almost every day, and that's only been accelerated by the Twitch ban and the surrounding situation. From what people know and what Dr Disrespect has said, he is still in a legal case with Twitch. in an attempt to challenge the ban and find out what really happened.

No one knows when Dr Disrespect will be back on Twitch, or if that will ever happen at all. For the time being, he has set himself up on the YouTube streaming platform, and he's shown that his channel is both resilient and more popular than ever. So far, Dr Disrespect has shown that he doesn't need Twitch.

Why Dr Disrespect doesn't need Twitch to survive

When Dr Disrespect returned to streaming through YouTube, his return was highly anticipated, and the stream itself hit a peak of 525,000 viewers, which even surpassed the viewership for Shroud's Twitch return. The hype to see Doc return to the streaming world was inexplicably massive.

Yesterday, Dr Disrespect gave his followers a follow up of sorts to those viewing numbers, and he tweeted out some YouTube Gaming Live metrics. The metric used is total hours watched over each quarter of YouTube Gaming Live.

In Quarter 1 of 2020 the number was at 1,076,474,828. In the next quarter, when Dr Disrespect joined the platform, the number was at 1,519,102,313 hours. They've only gone up since he's been there and that number is massive. That doesn't mean it was all him, considering watch time likely went up with the pandemic as well, but there's no doubt that he contributed.

What those numbers show is that Dr Disrespect has a massive viewer base to pull, and he has proven that people want to watch his channel and continue to donate. On top of his metrics, he has played with huge names like Snoop Dogg, and he even recently teased a collaboration with the Weeknd, albeit not confirmed yet.

This week, a new skin and map collaboration with Rogue Company and Dr Disrespect was also released. There has been no shortage of Dr Disrespect's involvement in the gaming world, and he is enroute to becoming more popular than he ever was. He is one of the most popular faces on YouTube Gaming now, if he isn't already the top name overall. His competition is over on Twitch, and YouTube has become his for the taking in terms of the streaming world. Doc rules on YouTube, and Twitch streamers still can't refrain from talking about him.

However, Dr Disrespect is still banned from Twitch, and though he doesn't need them, being alienated from his streaming peers certainly came as a hit to his morale in general. We will likely never see Dr Disrespect stream on Twitch again, but permission to stream with other Twitch streamers would be his best case scenario. Regardless, Dr Disrespect will remain one of the faces of YouTube gaming for the time being.

Published 18 Oct 2020, 04:39 IST
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