Why the FIFA 23 Black Friday Foundations Pack isn't worth it?

A new pack has been released as part of the Black Friday celebrations (Images via EA Sports)
A new pack has been released as part of the Black Friday celebrations (Images via EA Sports)

FIFA 23 has a couple of special additions in store, with the Black Friday Foundations Pack among them. The pack comes in the wake of all the Black Friday additions that EA Sports has made since last night, and it offers a unique set of additions to the game.

EA Sports often adds special packs to celebrate the release of promos and festive content. The FUT World Cup mode's launch saw special packs containing FIFA World Cup players, among other content. The Black Friday Foundations Pack walks along the same line and offers different items than regular ones.

That being said, the limited-time pack also costs more than the regular ones. The latest addition will cost 75,000 FUT coins or 500 FIFA points. While the pack will initially seem lucrative, there are plenty of reasons for FIFA 23 players to avoid it.

Let's look at the possible content and associated odds of each reward to analyze why the pack is a waste of time and resources.

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The Black Friday Foundations Pack in FIFA 23 barely offers any value that can match the FUT coins players will pay

To analyze the effectiveness of the Black Friday Foundations Pack, one must look at what it offers. Here's what players will receive from opening the pack:

  • 1 FUT World Cup Swap Token
  • 1 TOTW player rated 83 or higher. The card will be a random one from those released between TOTW 1 - TOTW 9 squad
  • 12 Rare Gold Players
  • 10 FIFA World Cup Player Picks between 2 options.
  • 1 out of 3 FUT World Cup Icon pick loan for seven games

It goes without saying that all the content is untradeable and will have to be used by FIFA 23 players in their squads or as fodder. They can also use FIFA World Cup items to complete different objectives which require cards from specific nations.

Here's what the associated odds of the pack are:

  • Gold 75+ cards - 100%
  • Gold 82+ cards - 100%
  • Gold 86+ cards - 38%
  • Team of the Week cards - 100%
  • Road to the FIFA World Cup cards - 1.7%

The odds are mediocre at best, with higher overall cards dramatically reducing numbers. Moreover, there's no chance of obtaining a World Cup Icon from the Black Friday Foundations Pack. The only one a FIFA 23 player will get will be in the form of a 7-game loan.

The rewards in themselves aren't anything worth discussing. To make it worse, the cards are all untradeable and have to be used as fodder if they're not good enough.


Given the odds of the pack, most of this fodder will be low-rated and could be acquired for cheap from the FUT market. The Black Friday Foundations Pack costs 75,000 FUT coins, which is a lot, even if it might not cost as much as the Black Friday 100 pack.

It's best to stay away from these packs as they have too high a risk for someone's liking. Only those who have plenty of coins to spend might open these packs to see what their luck has for them.

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