Why FIFA 23 content creators getting DMCA notice from EA Sports is completely wrong and uncalled for

A recent leak revealed a lot of things set to be arriving in the upcoming game (Image via EA Sports)
A recent leak revealed lots of things set to be arriving in the upcoming game (Image via EA Sports)

EA Sports and FIFA 23 are already engulfed in controversy, and the game hasn't even been released. The latest issue occurred following a significant Xbox glitch that made the game available for download on certain consoles. It allowed gamers to try out the title, resulting in different content coming out online.

Social media platforms became a hub of activity for many, as people shared various things, from home menu screens to player ratings. Things like the top-rated footballer entered the public domain as it was already late by the time EA Sports could patch the issue.

While the publisher didn't update the reason behind the glitch, all fans and users had a field day.

However, it has now appeared that EA Sports is issuing DMCA notices to many who had leaked content on their social media profiles. As a result, several accounts have been reported to have been suspended and banned.

While some would justify this action, it's completely wrong and unethical in the first place.

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EA Sports accidentally releasing FIFA 23 was fault of theirs and not community's

DMCA, which stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act, has been a helpful tool for many publishers and content creators to protect their creations. It allows gaming companies to monitor if there has been any content released anywhere that wasn't intended.

It also allows them to detect, track and remove content that breaks their copyright law and helps to maintain their integrity.


News started to come out earlier that EA Sports has been getting the accounts of several content creators suspended. The reason seems to be that they had some form of leaked content on their profiles.

It isn't exactly clear how many accounts have been suspended, but the publisher has taken direct action.

While it might be the legally correct thing to do, the steps taken by EA Sports to protect their and FIFA 23's interests are draconian in every possible way.

Firstly, FIFA 23 wasn't leaked or made available for download due to the workings of any of these creators. It happened due to a mistake on the publisher's part, or it could have been a glitch on Xbox's end.

Either way, gamers can't be blamed for downloading and playing the title.

Secondly, spreading information is bound to be expected, given how big the leak has been. From the top ten ratings to the entire squad of footballers, a lot got out.

Given today's day and age, it's only natural that people will take to social media to discuss such stuff.

EA Sports could point to the terms and conditions of the EULA of FIFA 23. While they would be correct, the game hasn't been released technically.

Users accept the terms and conditions when they start playing a game. Even for those who got an early taste of things, that happened due to a possible fault on EA's side.

Hence, the suspension of the Twitter accounts of several content creators feels highly uncalled for. It's EA Sports showing its corporate muscle without bothering about the outfall in the community.

Some accounts banned have been there for years, and the DMCA issues have erased years of hard work.

Fans have been intrigued to see what caused the problems in the first place. It remains to be seen if EA Sports will clarify the events and if the overall reveal is done earlier.

Traditionally, the overall ratings are revealed around the middle of September. With leaks going around, EA Sports might decide to break the norm this time around and allow gamers an earlier insight into things to come in FIFA 23.

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