EA reportedly set to reveal multiple titles next month including FIFA 23, Need for Speed, and more

FIFA, Need for Speed, and more are rumored to be announced soon (Image via Sportskeeda)
FIFA, Need for Speed, and more are rumored to be announced soon (Image via Sportskeeda)

Announcements for Need for Speed, FIFA 23, and Skate 4 will reportedly come in from EA in July, a reputed insider posted earlier. These three will be added to the already growing list of titles rumored to be revealed over the next few weeks, including God of War: Ragnarok and Hogwarts Legacy.

Although Summer Game Fest 2022 roared to its finale, the summer of gaming is looking to continue in all its glory.


In a statement to IGN, EA clarified earlier this year that they will not be hosting EA Play Live for 2022. Rather, they will reveal each of their projects when the time is right for the said projects throughout the year. Thus, getting information on Need for Speed, FIFA 23, and Skate 4 will be an exciting prospect for fans.

EA may reveal new information for FIFA 23, Need for Speed, and Skate 4 in July

Writing for Exputer, industry insider Tom Henderson cited sources stating that the video game company is likely going to reveal a number of popular titles next month. He further clarified that Need for Speed and FIFA 23 will likely be announced in the second half of the month.

FIFA 23 is going to be an exciting affair for fans and players as the upcoming iteration is reportedly going to be the last FIFA entry to the long-running series and will mark the end of an era. EA and the international football governing body are parting ways once the new game comes out, with the latter possibly looking to tie up with Konami.

In a blog post, EA assured fans that this year's title will be the most expansive ever, "with more features, game modes, World Cup content, clubs, leagues, competitions, and players than any FIFA title before."

The title is also rumored to be the first in the series to have cross-play. Although nothing much is officially known, it is speculated that the title will appear in late September.

This year's Need for Speed will likely have photorealistic elements, along with anime elements on top of that, according to industry insider Jeff Grubb on ResetEra. Grubb also mentioned that players will get the vibe of a car commercial where the vehicle is driving around with "cartoon flames and stuff" flying off it.

Grubb made further statements regarding the multiplayer section of the game and mentioned that autolog is back, and players can customize every piece of their car. The setting for the game will be called Lake Shore City, based on real-life Chicago.

The upcoming title is being worked on by Codemasters Cheshire and Criterion Games. The game is rumored to be exclusive to "next-gen" consoles and have a release date in November.

The long-anticipated Skate title will be coming more than a decade after its last entry came out. The fourth game in the series has been in development at EA since 2020, and during EA's Q3 2022 earnings call, CEO Andrew Wilson stated that it will be "launching soon."

There have been a number of developments regarding Skate 4 recently, with Henderson himself reporting that "playtesting has been going on for months." Grubb shared pre-alpha footage of Skate 4, stating that the developers are "trying to get the feel right."

Whatever the case may be, players will be hoping that this particular rumor turns out to be true. Need for Speed, FIFA 23, and Skate 4 all have their own ardent fan base who would love to see the new things that publishers have in store for them.