Why FIFA 23 Squad Battles are perfect for beginners

Squad Battles is the ultimate PvE experience in FIFA 23 (Images via FIFPlay and EA Sports)
Squad Battles is the ultimate PvE experience in FIFA 23 (Images via FIFPlay and EA Sports)

After having what can be described as the most successful launch in the history of the franchise, FIFA 23 is off to a brilliant start. With over ten million players competing in the first week itself, expect an inevitably larger number of beginners trying their hand at the most popular game mode in the series, FIFA: Ultimate Team.


FIFA Ultimate Team has a host of activities and competitions that fans can indulge in to grow their squads. While often overwhelming for newbies, they will need all the help they can get when it comes to traversing the various avenues of FUT.

In such a scenario, EA Sports has done well to incorporate several game modes that are conducive for beginners, allowing them to grow and learn the game at their own pace, while also improving their squad through rewards.

Squad Battles is a beginner-friendly yet rewarding mode in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Competitive game modes like FUT Champions and Division Rivals offer the ultimate PvP experience in FIFA 23. However, online gameplay can be rather challenging for beginners who haven't familiarized themselves with the mechanics and meta of the current title. In this environment, Squad Battles offers an alternative where fans can adapt to the game at their own pace.

What is Squad Battles?


Squad Battles is a PvE game mode in FIFA 23 where gamers play against AI-controlled opponents and procedurally generated squads to earn weekly points. These points are then tallied at the end of each week and rewards are allotted accordingly.

Fans have access to a total of forty squads per week that count towards their overall score. Once these games are exhausted, they can continue to play the game mode to complete their objectives. However, the games won’t count towards their weekly tally.

Why is Squad Battles good for beginners in FIFA 23?


The best part about Squad Battles is that it allows gamers to choose the difficulty of the opposition AI at the beginning of each fixture. This allows newbies to gradually progress up the ranks and get comfortable with the controls and mechanics of the game while also earning pack rewards to improve their squads.

The difficulty at which you play affects the maximum score that can be earned per game, which directly affects your weekly rank. As players get better at the game, they can attempt to challenge the AI at higher levels, earn more points, and finish at a higher rank, all resulting in better rewards.

How to score maximum Squad Battles points in FIFA 23?


EA Sports employs a specific algorithm to calculate the points that gamers earn per match. Several factors affect this score, such as the number of goals scored, goals conceded, shots taken, shots conceded, possession percentage, and fouls committed, along with other in-game stats.

In an ideal scenario, gamers must secure a 5-0 win where they have a minimum of ten shots on target, maintain 60 percent possession, and commit almost no fouls in the entirety of the game. These stipulations become harder to fulfill as the difficulty of the AI gets higher, but also come with the reward of higher weekly points.

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